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September 2019

The Barceloneta local festival in Barcelona

27 September, 2019 - 6 October, 2019
Unnamed Venue,
Barcelona, Barcelona Spain
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Barceloneta local festival in Barcelona

The neighbourhood of Barceloneta is one of the most historic places in the city, thanks to its great fishing and working traditions. This is exactly why its oldest parties are so special, because you can take in the atmosphere of Catalan tradition, something that has been fading away year on year with other events organised in certain neighbourhoods.

The Barceloneta local festival in Barcelona are celebrated on the 29th September, Saint Miguel of the Port´s day, the patron defender of the neighbourhood. This year the parties begin on Friday 27th September and finish on Sunday 6th October. During these dates a multitude of activities and events take place around the neighbourhood, the majority are free, allowing for as much enjoyment with the family as for having a great time with your friends.

Some of the most important activites are the traditional Sardine dance, popular food, the correfocs, the opening speech… but without a doubt the activities you can´t miss out on are:

  • Pescalle de cañon: Undoubtedly the single most traditional part of the whole Barceloneta local festival in Barcelona. It consists of a neighbour spotting a Napoleonic Soldier and giving a ´cannon´ to each street in the neighbourhood. Then each person fires the sweet-loaded ´cannon´ for the kids to collect. It is also tradition that everytime the ´cannon´ is fired, everyone at the event falls to the ground.
  • Habaneras: In a neighbourhood where there is a fishing tradition, it is very important not to miss this genre of Cuban music from the 19th Century.
  • Decorated streets: The main streets of the neighbourhood are usually decorated in a more traditional style than those of the Grácia festival.
  • Fireworks: On Sunday they let off fireworks on the Paseo Marítimo to put an end to these wonderful fiestas.


Don't think twice and discover the most traditional and original atmosphere in the Catalan Capital in the Barceloneta local festival in Barcelona!

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October 2019

Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona 2019

3 October, 2019 - 13 October, 2019
Unnamed Venue,
Barcelona, Barcelona Spain
+ Google Map
Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona

The International Film Festival of Catalunya returns for another year, commonly known as the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona. This event consists of the first Fantasy Film Festival in the world, as well as one of the most important cinematic awards in Europe and the highest-regarded Catalonian cultural act on a global level.

This great fantasy and horror film festival is celebrated in the coastal city of Sitges between 3rd and 13th October. Over these days they willl screen long films and short films chosen by a panel of judges for being the standout films of their genre. Candidates for the 33 awards are seperated in recognition of their own fields: Best script, best actor and actress, public award, best director, etc… Also, whoever wishes to attent the inauguration ceremony and the exclusive screenings of the selected films, the prices vary between 6€ and 22€ for tickets.

In this 52nd edition of Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona, we will be able to enjoy a total of 29 selected films:
• 3 From Hell
• Little Monsters
• Depraved
• Sadako
• The Room
• Judy and Punch
• Greener Grass
• Braid
• Darlin’
• Daniel Isn’t Real
• Idol
• Dancing Mary
• Jam
• Jesús Shows You the Way to the Subway
• George Hilton – The World Belongs to the Daring
• Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson
• Come to Daddy
• Bloodline
• The Lodge
• Vivarium
• Jessica Forever
• The Wonderland
• Children of the Sea
• One Piece Stampede
• Breve historia del planeta verde
• Punto muerto
• Soy tóxico
• Vif-Argent
• Deodato Holocaust
The places where the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona will be celebrated are very diverse as they include as many hotels as cinemas:
• Auditori
• Platja de Sant Sebastià
• Cine Prado
• Hotel Meliá Sitges
• Palau de Maricel
• Espai Movistar
• Hort de Can Falç
• Cine El Retiro Brigadoon – L’Escorxador
• Tramuntana Edifici Miramar
And you, will you spend an evening of terrorfying fun? For more information click here

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Oktoberfest Barcelona 2019

3 October, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - 13 October, 2019 @ 11:00 pm
Unnamed Venue,
Barcelona, Barcelona Spain
+ Google Map
Oktoberfest Barcelona

Everyone knows that there is nothing better than having a refreshing beer, with your friends and having a good time. Precisely down to this, Barcelona pays homage to the festival dedicated to the excellence of beer, Oktoberfest Barcelona, celebrating its 8th year.

From 3rd until 13th October, in the Plaza Universo del recinto Fira Montjuic, next to Plaza España, this unmissable event will take place over 10 consecutive days. For this, they will setup a 5,000 metre squared main tent, with a 3,000 metre squared area kids zone. In this second section, you can enjoy an array of shops, activities and attractions for adults and kids alike so that everyone can enjoy the event.
One of the best parts of Oktoberfest Barcelona is that it is completely free to enter, although this means that it is sometimes hard to find a space in this limited capacity venue. Due to this, we reccommend that, if possible, you reserve a table in due time through the website. This way you can skip the queues, find a spot in the tent, and above all, participate in the raffles that occur during this event (A VIP table costs 24€).

Inside the Oktoberfest Barcelona festival there is more to do than just drink German beer, they also have stalls that sell all sorts of typical German cuisine, with live music and DJs playing in the evening. Sounds good, right? Remember that the times are: Mid-week 17:00pm -23:00pm and on weekends 12:00pm- 01:00am.

Last, but not least, this year the festival will rely on two special guests to be in charge of kicking off the festivities by opening the first barrell of beer for the festival: The actress Andrea Duro, ex –contestant of MasterChef Celebrity 3 and the captain of the Spanish National rugby team, Jaime Nava. Furthermore, whilst inaugurating the eighth edition of this festival, these two celebrities will complete certain challenges inspired by the original Oktoberfest that is celebrated each year in Munich.

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Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019

13 October, 2019 - 20 February, 2020
Unnamed Venue,
Barcelona, Spain
+ Google Map
Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019

If you like Jazz music and are in Barcelona you´re in luck, because one of the most important events of this genre of music in the world returns for another year… the Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019!

The Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019 celebrates is 51st edition this year, whichwill take place on the 13th October until 20th February in 2020- so no excuses not to go to some concerts! During these 5 months where Barcelona immerses itself fully into Jazz culture and host more than 70 concerts in emblematic institutions such as El Palau de la Música Catalana, la sala BARTS en el Paral·lel, el conservatorio del Liceu and, of course, The old factory of Estrella Damm- which is the official headquarters of this event.

Also, during the Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019 they have organised diverse activities so that everyone who wants too, can partake in this movement in everyway other than simply attending a concert. In the same way, they will be able to participate in games, attend conferences, masterclasses, meet up with other artists. Above all, fully enjoy Jazz music
Some of the celebrities that participate in the festival by sharing their music with the public are: Chucho Valdés, Joan Chamorro, Kiki Morente, La Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Ignasi Terraza, La locomotora Negra and Andrea Motis, among others.

Furthermore, in the Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019 they also present to you the event “DE CAJÓN (In the box)! Flamenco Festival of Barcelona” where some of the top stars of this beautiful art are: Dúo del Mar, Tomatito y José Mercé, Rafael Riqueni , Las Migas, Farrucos y Fernández, y Estrella Morente; and many more.
Purchasing entries and the prices of Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona 2019:
The festival has 43,000 tickets available, which have an average price of €30. Similarly, the event offers the following passes:
• Artist tickets (EG all the concerts of Andrea Motis)
• Barcelona Jazz, eight large concerts specially selected
• Free Jazz (30% discount on 5 or more concert entries when purchasing together)
• Sant Cugat (tickets to the two concerts at the Auditorium theatre of Sant Cugat)
These entries can be bought online, on the phone or at the ticket office

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Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019

31 October, 2019 - 3 November, 2019
Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019

For another year, fans of anime and manga are in luck because from 31st October until the 3rd November they will be able to attend the Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019!

The Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019 is one of the most important anime and manga events in Europe as well as the rest of the world. Here, thousands of fans of this genre come together to share their passion, meet their favourite writers, partake in Cosplay, buy merchandise, play games, try food-trucks that sell Asian food or simply, pass by and take in the environment of this event, which is, without a doubt, worthwhile.

This event is located in a space that takes up, in total, 75,000 squared-metres and 5 separate halls where you will be able to find auditoriums that have musical performances, conferences, projected videos, chats and also; places to relax, stands that sell a range of products related to anime, restaurants, cosplays… Overall, everything and anything you could imagine surrounding Japanese culture and, obviously, the world of manga.

The prices of Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019 are:
• €11 for a general day ticket
• €33 for a four-day ticket
• €9 for a day ticket with discount from Carné Joven

Where is Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019 being celebrated?
The Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019 will take place at Fira Montjuic, in the following wings: 1, 2, 2.1, 3.1, 4 and 5. These are situated in Plaza Espanya and Plaza Univers.
• Metro L1 y L3
• Trains to “Plaza Espanya”
• Buses: L94, L95, H12, 46, 65, CJ…
It is important to clarify that you don´t have to be a superfan of anime and manga in order to attend this event, as each year all types of people, families and groups of friends attend. Wanting to explore this world that is beyond strange to some and equally as ususal to others. So don´t wait around too long and get yourself to the Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2019!

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November 2019

The Major Party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona

4 November, 2019 - 17 November, 2019
the major party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona

Neighbourhood parties are one of the most important events in each district of Barcelona, as it is the moment in which all neighbours go out to the street, come together and celebrate the major party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona and all that live in the area. Also, the environment of the Santa Martí and Verneda parties in Barcelona is very special as they are not like the other microfestivals, with this environment is very traditional and family orientated, therefore it is perfect to immerse yourself entirely with locals and Catalan culture.

The story of the major party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona began in the 9th century when the Parish of Sant Martí separated from Santa Maria del Mar. In the middle ages, Sant Martí was one of the most popular saints in Europe, so much so that once the church was built, people moved as close as possible to it. Little by little, they created this district, which, in the 14th century, thanks to the expansion of Barcelona, was absorbed by this and became another neighbourhood.

During the major party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona, you will be able to enjoy many popular activities organised by many committees and members of the neighbourhood:
• Parade of giants and capgrossos: this will be done by the Rambleta Selva de Mar I, just as every year, featuring the presence of its protagonists, the giants couple Martí and la Dolça.
• Popular Paella making event
• Workshops and activities for kids
• Castellers of Barcelona tower as well as the castellers of Gavà and from Montcada/Reixac
• Havana concert: which will signal the end of this party

The major party of Sant Martí and the Verneda in Barcelona is always celebrated on the fifth-night of November. This year the exact dates of the celebration will be between the 4th and 17th of November. The streets and locations where they will have the diverse spectacles and activities are: Can Planas, el Fondal de la Verneda, el espacio La Gàbia del parque de Sant Martí, las calles de Menorca, Agricultura, Treball y Huelva.

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The BIG IF, Barcelona Improv Group 2019 presents one of Europe’s largest English language improv festivals – now in its 6th year!

6 November, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 9 November, 2019 @ 11:30 pm
Teatre El Cercle,
Carrer de Santa Magdalena, 12
+ Google Map

The BIG IF, Barcelona Improv Group 2019 Improv Festival, brings together two hundred improvisers from more than 20 countries. They will take to the stage across 4 nights to deliver 16 original theatre and comedy shows. Watch as scenes unfold in the moment, based on audience suggestions. Whatever you experience, be it funny, surreal or dramatic, it is made completely for you.

Each night of the BIG IF Barcelona Improv Group 2019 Improv Festival you can see 4 shows. They feature world class groups like Murder of Crows from Copenhagen improvising a Film Noir.  London based The Committee, who sold out their Edinburgh run last year will be performing. There will also be our first ever improvised puppet show, and of course the hosts, Barcelona Improv Group. So whatever tickles your funny bone, this comedy festival promises to deliver something for everyone.

For more information, show line-ups and tickets visit our website  or facebook page.

Doors open 7.30pm, show begins: 8:00pm

Tickets: 10€ per night on the door. 2-Night Passes (Wed & Thu, 15€) and 4-Night Passes (30€) only available online


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Barcelona Games World

28 November, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 1 December, 2019 @ 11:00 pm
Unnamed Venue,
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Games World

The Barcelona Games World, the biggest videogame event in the whole of Spain returns for another year to Barcelona with a completely new look to present all the news related to digital entertainment.
As it is, the famous Barcelona Games World has decided to change its´ corporate image and name, naming itself NiceOne Barcelona, in order to expand its borders and offer other types of entertainment like films, series and anime. The directors say that this change is down to the patterns of online consumption of young people that have grown up with the ever-changing digital world, therefore it is necessary to broaden the horizons of the event and offer a more transmedia experience. In the same way, the newly chosen name, NiceOne Barcelona (N1B) gives itself to the famous gaming expression from English “Nice One” when you want to say that someone played well.

From the 28th November until the 1st December 2019 we will be able to enjoy this event of professional and amateur competitions, a new zone with more than 300 games terminals, courses and workshops, talks and conferences with experts in the sector, presentations of projects, augmented reality zones and many more! In addition, it is important to highlight that in 2019 it has given more focus to areas of virtual reality and augmented reality, which will double in size during this edition in order to offer a better experience to the customer. Some of the new games they will present will be the new titles of Star Wars, FIFA, Call of Duty or the new stars of series and films from online content platforms.

The prices of going to the new Barcelona Games World are:
• Day pass: €18 (€20 on the door)
• 3 day pass: €40
• Day pass for students: €8 (with each 10 student entries including a free ticket for the teacher)
It will be celebrated on the enclosure of Gran Via de Fira Barcelona, which can be reached via:
• L9 on the metro, Fira stop
• Trains, Europa Fira stop
• Bus

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The Santa Llucia Fair in Barcelona

29 November, 2019 - 23 December, 2019
Fira de Santa Llucia in Barcelona

Christmas is around the corner and, to be honest, we are not very happy about it. Therefore, as it cannot be any other way, the city that celebrates it by decorating its streets and throwing one of the most special Christmas events for Catalans… The Santa Llucia Fair in Barcelona!

The Santa Llucia Fair in Barcelona is a Christmas Market that is celebrated every year in the Plaza de la Seu, just in front of the Barcelona Cathedral, between the 29th November until the 23rd December. In this space, around 270 stalls and shops are situated, where you can find everything related with Christmas (decorations, gifts, manger figures and many more). Down to this, there is so much to see at the fair that it is divided into four areas depending on what they sell: Manger figures, vegetative decorations, handcrafted or zambomba drums. Likewise, in addition to what this space offers us, they also usually have activities for kids so they don´t get bored as the adults shop.

One of the things that makes the Santa Llucia Fair so special is the fact that it is a Christmas Market that is focused on the oldest manger figures in the world. The first accounts we have of them date back to 1786, although this is the say that they are probably a lot older. In the beginning this market was made up of some small shops for manger decorations that were on the plaza with the target of, people leaving mass, to get them to buy clay figures to put in their manger.

Without any doubt, this is the perfect site to go to if you want to completely immerse yourself in Catalan Christmas traditions like the manger, Uncle Christmas or the figurines and bring home an original memory of your stay in Barcelona.

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January 2020

Guiriness Comedy 2020! Damian Clark Barcelona Stand-up Show

January 10 @ 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
The Shamrock,
C/Tallers 72
+ Google Map

The Aussie hurricane returns to Barcelona! Damian Clark has become one of the hottest tickets in comedy clubs and festivals through Europe & the UK. You can see him at Shamrock Bar in central Barcelona on Friday 10th January. Follow Guiriness Comedy on Facebook for a chance to win tickets!
Clark has been featured in Comedy Channel’s Damo Does Edinburgh, Irish TV’s Republic of Telly, The Savage Eye, Katherine Lynch’s Wonder Women, Comedy Central’s Seann Walsh World, plus wrote & co-starred in RTE2’s I Dare Ya! which became the highest rating Irish comedy debut to date.
-Shamrock Bar Barcelona Show- Friday 10th January. C/Tallers 72, Metro Universitat.

Doors 20.30h. Show 21.30h. Please come early on the night for seats. Late-comers may be standing room only.

There are a limited number of earlybird tickets online (10€). After that it’s pay-at-door (12€).

Can’t make it to Friday’s Show? Then come down to the Saturday 11th Jan show at Wylie Brewery Sitges. If you’re coming in from Barcelona, there’s a Monbus back from Sitges at 23.52h.

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