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The Best Supermarkets for Sustainable Shopping in Barcelona


The trend for organic products is on the rise and more and more people are deciding to switch to a healthier diet and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. This is not a passing fad: it’s here to stay! That’s why Barcelona is not lagging behind in this respect and already has several eco-shops. Here is our selection of the best ecological and sustainable supermarkets in Barcelona.

1. The Living Food

The Living Food

Source: @thelivingfood.barcelona (Instagram)


The Living Food is a bio-vegan shop that has become one of the top supermarkets to buy organic products in Barcelona. Its two owners, Santi and Miguel, started this project with the aim of sharing their love for a healthy lifestyle in every way with their customers. In this shop you will find everything from organic food and drinks to cosmetics and household products. In all their products, they are committed to local products and are against animal cruelty and mistreatment.

Address: C/ Viladomat, 85


2. Obbio


Source: @obbio.es (Instagram)

Obbio is the largest organic supermarket in Barcelona, spanning over 700 square metres. In addition to being the largest, it also offers a wide variety of products, you can find more than 8,000 different products here! In this shop you can fill your pantry with organic fruit and vegetables, plant-based drinks, meat and fish, products suitable for lactose intolerance, coeliacs and diabetics, cosmetics, and much more! There is even a wine shop and a bookshop area specializing in healthy food and nutrition – what more could you ask for!

Address: C/ Muntaner, 177


3. Tribu Woki – Organic Market

Tribu Woki

Source: @organicmarket.es (Instagram)

Tribu Woki is a lifestyle, as the founders of this project define it. Their organic supermarkets, Organic Market, are growing steadily in Barcelona. Their shops are based on transparency towards the consumer: here you will always know the origin of the products, how they have been produced and who is behind them. This chain of supermarkets and restaurants has several stores in the city, each one more special than the last. As well as being able to buy fruit and vegetables in bulk, you can also order takeaway food, from salads to pizzas and wok food. 



4. Bio Space

Bio Sace

Source: @herbolarionavarro.bcn (Instagram)

Herbolario Navarro, with more than three hundred years of experience in natural wellness, has 43 shops throughout the country, one of them in Barcelona: Bio Space. This 500 metre squared establishment has become a benchmark for sustainable shopping in the city. It has a wide variety of products from organic agriculture and livestock. As if that wasn’t enough, apart from everything they offer, they give workshops and activities dedicated to sustainable practices in order to ensure a perfect experience for the consumer.

Address: C/ Valencia, 186

5. Veritas


Source: @supermercadosveritas (Instagram)

Veritas is a well-known chain of organic supermarkets in Catalonia. The concept was born in 2002, and has now expanded to the main cities of Spain. In addition to being a supermarket, it has several bakeries where you can buy lots of breads, cakes and pastries made from 100% organic products. Another interesting feature is that during the Christmas holidays, they make their own delicious nougat and sweets, some of which are even suitable for vegans!



6. Linverd


Source: @linverd_market (Instagram)

Less than a year ago it opened its doors, and it has already positioned itself as one of the most popular organic supermarkets in Barcelona – we’re talking about Linverd! This is the first supermarket in Barcelona that is 100% organic and without plastic packaging, and they also have a vegetable garden inside the shop. You can fill your basket with bulk products such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, drinks and wines, all straight from the field to the supermarket! There are also products for the home and for pets.

Address: C/ Provença, 242


7. Frooty


Source: @frooty.es (Instagram)

Who would have thought that some brothers would go from selling oranges online to creating a supermarket? Well yes, this is the story of Frooty and its owners! It is an organic supermarket that collaborates with farmers and cooperatives in Catalonia to get the best 0 mile products according to the season. They are faithful to the “frutilosofía” (fruitarian philosophy), as they call it, which means that they champion fruit and vegetables as essential for a healthy diet. But don’t worry! You will also find: cereals, plants for your urban garden, baby food, cleaning products, cosmetics…

Address: C/ Ausiàs Marc, 65

8. I Love Food

I Love Food

Source: @ilovefoodbcn (Instagram)

What started as a small farm shop has now become an organic supermarket with more than 1,000 products on the shelves! I Love Food is a farm shop full of charm and freshness. They have a home delivery service for individuals, hotels and restaurants. They also have a nutritional advice service, as the shop assistants are nutritionists, and they will answer any dietary questions you may have!

Address: C/ Muntaner, 476






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