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The Best LGBT-friendly Bars and Clubs in Barcelona


Barcelona, as well as being the second-largest city in Spain, is one of the most liberal cities in Europe. That’s why it’s the perfect place for the LGTBIQ+ community. Here you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants, discos and clubs for the LGBT crowd to have fun with friends, especially in the Eixample and Gràcia neighbourhoods. What’s more, Eixample is known as “Gayxample”, which came about at the end of the last century and has now become a hotspot for the LGBT crowd!

That’s why if you live in Barcelona, or you’re visiting the city, and you want to make new friends, or maybe even the love of your life, we would like to share our selection of the best LGBT-friendly bars and nightclubs in Barcelona. Some of these places are exclusively for LGBT people, but you will also find places that welcome everyone. 

1. Museum Bar

Museum was the first video bar to open in the city, and here you’ll find several screens showing the most popular music videos at the moment. Its rococo style creates the atmosphere of a museum for visitors. Music nights and excellent cocktails are the stars of this bar. You can also enjoy a pool table and table football – definitely one of the liveliest places to dance on a weekend!

Address: Calle Sepúlveda,178

2. Plata Cocktail Bar

Plata Cocktail Bar

Source: @plata_cocktail_bar_barcelona (Instagram)

Since 2006, this bar has been offering a relaxed and unpretentious experience to its clientele, located in the heart of the famous Eixample Gay district.  Through its glass windows, it offers an unbeatable panoramic view, both inside and outside, and you can also enjoy a luxury cocktail sitting on the terrace, while you enjoy yourself to the rhythm of the music!

Address: Consell de Cent, 233

3. El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo, located in the iconic Raval neighbourhood, is one of Barcelona’s most historic bars for the LGBT community, so it’s quite popular, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s known for its drag shows and for playing great classics from the 80s – the music never stops in El Cangrejo! Without a doubt, if you want to spend a fun night out with a good atmosphere, this is the place to be.

Address: Calle Montserrat, 9

4. Punto BCN

Punto BCN

Source: @punto.bcn (Instagram)

Punto BCN is the bar par excellence for the lgbt community. It is one of the first to open in the Catalan capital, and is a very spacious, calm and welcoming place. Here you can enjoy a good drink in a party atmosphere with good vibes. On weekends, it’s usually pretty crowded, but that won’t stop you from enjoying some great artists performing live!

Address: Calle Muntaner, 63


5. Discoteca Arena Madre

arena madre

Source: @grupoarena (Instagram)

Arena Madre, the oldest of all the venues in the Arena Group, is one of the most popular nightclubs among the LGTB community. It is open every day and offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with a variety of music, from electronic, to dance and house. Inside, you can enjoy drag shows and other performances, and if you dare, you can also go to the darkroom!

Address: Calle Balmes, 22


6. Átame Bar Musical 

Átame is one of those bars that goes unnoticed at first glance, but don’t be fooled by its small size! This music bar is located in the centre of the “Gayample” and is famous for having a friendly atmosphere and cheap drinks. Its main attraction is their drag shows and live music performances, and the cocktails they serve are their best kept secret and some of the best you’ll find in the city!

Address: Consell de Cent, 257

7. Safari Disco Club

Safari Disco Club is one of the leading clubs for partying in a relaxed atmosphere in Barcelona. It is known for its drag shows and concerts by the best DJ’s in town. You won’t be able to stop dancing to this wild rhythm! If you want to enjoy the club in privacy with your friends, there are 4 VIP rooms available for private parties.

Address: Calle Tarragona, 141

8. La Federica 

bar la federica

Source: @barlafederica (Instagram)

La Federica is a vintage-style queer bar that offers delicious cocktails and gin and tonics – you’ll even find a menu with vegetarian options! In addition to being one of the most iconic gay bars in Barcelona, its owners organize all kinds of events: themed parties, LGBT art exhibitions, concerts, charity events, and much more! We recommend keeping an eye on their social networks to find out about all the activities they have in store.

Address: Salva, 3

9. Versailles Barcelona

If you like your bars with extravagant décor, you certainly have to visit Versailles Barcelona. This picturesque bar will charm you with its lush chandeliers and magnificently decorated ceilings from the moment you walk through the door. You’ll feel like you’re in Versailles in Paris. Here you can enjoy a cocktail while classic 80s tunes are played, all from a comfortable golden armchair!

Address: Passatge Valeri Serra, 3

10. Believe Club

believe club

Source: @believeclubbcn (Instagram)

Believe opened its doors in April 2017, located in the heart of the “Gayxample”, and they have a very clear objective: to offer fun until dawn. At Believe you can enjoy concerts, live shows, theme parties, dancers, drag performers, magicians, DJs… You name it! As you can see, music and shows are their hallmark, and their sessions alternate music of all kinds: from good reggaeton to the funkiest and most underground music.

Address: Calle Balmes, 56


If you want to know more places to celebrate Pride month, we recommend you read this guide for the LGBT community in Barcelona.


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