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After shuttering its doors over the summer, Shenanigan’s Irish Pub has been through a phoenix-like transformation, rising from the builders’ dust as Shenanigan’s Speakeasy. To the outer world nothing much has changed, but as you step through the door the visual impact carries the suggestion that you’ve been ‘whisked back in time’. It feels warm. It feels special. The beer taps have gone, and no, they’re not being replaced. Instead you’ll be greeted by mixologists who know their way around cocktails like the masters of the mix they undoubtably are. A word of warning, whilst the drinks menu doesn’t come with warning labels, there are a few cocktails here that possibly should. The team at Shenanigan’s Speakeasy mix a proper cocktail, so don’t plan to drive or even cycle home.

The bar itself has a quirky decor and a nice hidden aspect to it; as you still need to walk down a slightly darkened street off Las Ramblas to get to it. But the real charm is the staff and their alchemist-like ability to transport you to taste bud heaven. These are seriously legit cocktails at a great price, and they come quick enough to keep the crowd here going until the early hours.

The bar may have moved on, but the same family is still behind it and the ethos of the old Shenanigan’s as being one of the best value bars in Barcelona lingers on. At a flat rate of €8 a cocktail the prices are great and it’s good to know -not everything has changed. Shenanigan’s Speakeasy is positioned as open, welcoming and unpretentious. As they say of themselves “We wanted to create a unique venue that’s quirky but unpretentious. The sort of place that starts the evening fairly chilled and ends up pretty loud; where people can enjoy a great conversation with a kick-arse cocktail in their hand”. Hats off to them, that’s exactly what they’ve done.


Calle Marqués De Barberà, 11
93 412 12 19
Weds-Sun 19:00- 03:00




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  1. I think you guys have a great thing going here and the price point it what i think attracts alot more peploe as apposed to omnifocus. I’m just learning how to use it but so far it all makes sense and im sure it will help me manage my time more effectively. thanks again.

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