Montjuïc Cactus Park


Montjuïc mountain is well known for the many little and big treasures it holds. You could dedicate a whole weekend to exploring the attractions on offer, from the Joan Miró Foundation to the Castle of Montjuïc, from the Botanic Gardens to the Cactus Park, and from Poble Espanyol to the Olympic Stadium. When people mention the park on Montjuïc they normally refer to the Botanic Gardens found near the Palace. However, there are several parks on Montjuïc and the fabulous Cacus Park often geta overlooked.

This unique park is home to 800 cactus species that live in a microclimate on the east side of the mountain. You can leisurely wander through the park in an hour admiring the clusters of different cactus species. These include round cacti with bright flowers growing on top, or the cactus forest which is densely populated with over ten feet high cacti that creating a surreal forest atmosphere. On the southern end of the park there is a lovely overgrown vine pergola where you can sit on some benches with a sandwich or two and look out to the sea.

The Cactus Park has several entry points, one at the bottom close to Av. Parallel and the metro, and the other at the top at Miramar, the viewpoint of the sea with a little park and the cable car station. The top entrance at Miramar has a wonderful view of the port and the sea where you can overlook Port Vell, the Columbus statue, Maremagnum, and admire the industrial port with all its cargo and cranes.

To get to the park you have several options, each with its own little perks. You could, for example, take the cable car from Port Vell all the way to Miramar to enjoy unique views of Barcelona, which are often described as flying over Barcelona with a plane. You could also take the ancient and restored funicular railway from Parallel to the top of Montjuïc and walk down to the park. Or finally you can embrace the mountain by walking up Nou de La Rambla until the top, take a left turn and head towards Miramar and the Cactus Park on foot.

While visiting Montjuïc remember to pop by at following other attractions:
The Castle of Montjuïc ; Poble Español, an artificially created village representing Spanish architecture from all over Spain; Pavillion Mies, the modern house of the creator of the Barcelona Chair, with its bare, yet elegant design; Palau Nacional, which acts as Modern Art Museum; Olympic Stadium; Botanic Gardens; Joan Miró Foundation, with the biggest collection of the works of this influential Catalan Artist.





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