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Introducing the Lovely Miss Q


There’s something special about Miss Q, aka Pia Nielsen, and I’ve been under her spell since discovering this Danish musician’s post-modern electronic mélange of sound in the performance “La Banda del Fin del Mundo” with Los Corderos last month. She’s back at Sala Hiroshima for a solo show, spreading her wings like a swan that has almost shaken off the ugly duckling feathers. Almost, but not quite. And paradoxically, this touch of rawness makes an even more powerful impact than the glossy creatures fanning their tails further upriver.

Think Bristol trip-hop from back in the day: Massive Attack and Tricky, with a slash of post-industrial darkness à la DJ Shadow, and Beth Orton’s haunting vocals on the first Portishead album. Add a dash of experimental jazz, a wink of New Orleans blues and a few splashes of abstract funk. Urban free-folk and broken rhythms, and a fizz of sounds that hover on the edge of a memory you can’t quite reach.


Words, words words.

If you’re even slightly curious by now, let the songs speak for themselves at https://soundcloud.com/lovely-miss-q

Miss Q’s idiosyncratic music has featured on soundtracks for film and theatre, documentaries and video-art pieces, and she has released two albums under her own name. The contrasts and contradictions of life are infused in her work; the organic and inorganic, clear and opaque, and the desire to reveal and conceal. Intimate lyrics are like droplets of sensitivity which bounce off the different frequencies on each track.

A visual dimension will be added by Barcelona artist Mademoiselle Oui Oui, aka Carolina Cabrerizo, who has collaborated with her on several successful projects.

Reserve your tickets now, at Sala Hiroshima for one night only.
Sunday 6th March, 19:00


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