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The five best places to eat seafood in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city with a great maritime tradition, meaning that many typical dishes in the city consist of ingredients coming from the sea, as is the case for the most famous food of “mar i muntanya”. Strictly speaking, the vast majority of raw materials are available to the city on a daily basis, it isn´t hard to find restaurants specialised in fish and seafood wherever you go. With that being said, sometimes we have to be quite careful where we eat, as it is easy to end up in a place with a bad quality to price ratio and we are not able to enjoy Barcelona´s seafood properly as a result. If you are passionate about fishing and seafood, we will unveil to you the 5 best restaurants where you can eat our beloved seafood in Barcelona. Therefore, wallets at the ready because, as the saying goes, “Quality costs”.


Best seafood in Barcelona:


– Botufameiro

When we think of good seafood in Barcelona, we always think of this restaseafood in Barcelonaurant. Founded in 1975, Botafumeiro is a classic in the city and is known for the best seafood in Barcelona, serving the best seafood platter that you can eat and preparing the most exquisite paella. The food is sourced directly from the Cantabrian Coast each day and delivered to the restaurant to be presented later to the customer, ensuring the best quality and tasting food. As said by their chef, Moncho Neira “when you have excellent raw materials, you have to treat in the best way possible as to conserve it´s essence”. This makes our mouth water just thinking about it.


– Carballeira

Another one of the best seafood places with fish brought from Galicia daiseafood in Barcelonaly is the restaurant, Caballería. Located in the neighbourhood of Barceloneta, very close to Port Vell, you can find this marvellous restaurant of the freshest fish and seafood. Without a doubt, it is a very popular place in the city where people celebrate special occassions or simply enjoy sensational food. If you end up going here, don´t forget to order their specialty fishes on offer, or their star dish, El Pulpo.


– Marea Alta

Are you looking for a restaurant with spectacular views of Barcelona? Welseafood in Barcelonal, you are in luck because Marea Alta offers you a 360 degree panoramic view of the whole city, as well as the best seafood you can try. This restaurant, located on 25th floor of the Torre de Colón, creats the concept of being located directly between the sea and the sky,; validating them as a “Sky Restaurant”. Apart from this wonderful idea, they hace some of the best kitchens in the whole of Barcelona, specialised in seafood, smoked fish and grilled fish.


– La Paradeta

If you are tired of going to restaurants where you pay a lot of money for high-quality products and they arrive cold, we assure you that in La Paradeta, it is impossible that they will pull the wool over your eyes. This restaurant, quite extraordinarily, was the first local seafood restaurant to seafood in Barcelonacome up with the idea of restaurant-fishmonger in the city. The first thing you see when you entre, is literally, a fishmonger like you would find in any market in Barcelona, you can see how fresh the produce is; find the one you like the most, the quantity you wish to pay for and buy it (at quite cheap rates). Once you have done this, they will start the cooking process and prepare for you, the best seafood dish you have ever had. This idea, undoubtedly, has worked well as they have 7 other local restaurants in the city, such as: Sagrada Familia, Sants, El Born… Therefore, you can bump whilst visiting a part of Barcelona, go in and try it out!


– Espai KRU

Last, but not least, we find a restaurant that is quite peculiar but equally as delicious. This famous fish place in Barcelona bases itself on the approach of respecting all the main ingredients in order to achieve the máximum flavour with the least changes applied; something that inspired 80% of its menu, which isa ll raw fish (sensitive stomachs beware). This concept of seafood in Barcelonapaleo-gastronomy, together with the fact that it has become one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Barcelona, Rías de Galicia, has forged it as a marvellous restaurant that will leave you feeling indifferent. If you want to try the best from The Atlantic Ocean converted into Sashimis, marinated, carpacho, cured or tartar, you won´t want to miss out on this seafood in Barcelona.



We know that after reading these recommendations your mouth is watering… Nonetheless, as we have said at the start, eating in a seafood restaurant is not cheap. Therefore, we suggest that, not to shake your wallet, visit on special occassions. Throw yourself at the culinary adventure of trying the best fish and seafood in Barcelona!


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