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Where to Shop for Vegan Groceries in Barcelona


Not only is Barcelona the perfect vacation destination for you vegans and non-vegans looking to dine at the most delicious plant-based restaurants in the world, but it is also home to a surplus of vegan supermarkets and markets that make living in Barcelona that much easier! With Barcelona being declared as a #VegFriendly city in 2016, there is no doubt that this beautiful city has a ton of vegan hotspots scattered throughout and we have done the research to give you them! If you’ve got a kitchen and a plant-based belly that is hungering for a home-cooked meal, we have the ultimate guide for you on Where to Shop for Vegan Groceries in Barcelona!


Are you feeling left out at non-vegan restaurants watching your friends dine on dishes of octopus, salmon, steak and pulled pork while you feast on a meager salad? Well, you shouldn’t be because Vegacelona has you covered to find these exact options as vegan versions to cook your own heavenly, plant-based meal! Sitting right next to La Sagrada Familia, this vegan heaven has their shelves loaded with the most delicious variety of plant-based seafood, meat, cheeses, pastries, and many more! If you’re worried if the temptation of seeing these scrumptious vegan goodies around you will cause you to break your wallet, you can save yourself some money by shopping for your groceries online and having them personally delivered to your home!


Address: Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 98, 08025 Barcelona



Worried if the grocery item you have in your hand is actually vegan? No need to worry in Ecocentre, because this chain supermarket is ALL vegan! No longer will you have to settle for that one vegan option of chorizo or whipped cream because now you have a whole fridge of each plant-based item to choose from! Along with eliminating the trouble of having to double check food labels for sneaky animal products, Ecocentre also offers environmentally-friendly household supplies so that you’re not only just saving the lives of cute little animals, but you’re also helping to save the environment too!

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 329, 08009 Barcelona


Local Markets

Even though it could be quite intimidating for you vegans to walk into the street markets where barbaric meat stalls are scattered throughout, we promise you it is worth it to get to those wondrous vegan-friendly stalls! Not only will you be saving yourself some cash by shopping at these cheap stands instead of supermarkets, but you’ll also be buying yourself the highest quality of the freshest fruits and vegetables of all of Barcelona. You’ll find everything from gorgeous exotic fruits to different types of chili peppers to even edible flowers! In addition, you’ll find Japanese, Indian and Mediterranean stalls dotted throughout where you can load up on aromatic spices, tahini, and wasabi to give your homecooked meals that explosion of flavor!

Markets: La Boqueria, Mercat de la Concepció, Sant Antoni Market, Mercat de Galvany


Gra de Gracia

If you’re an eco-friendly vegan who is looking to create little waste while grocery shopping, take a trip to Gra de Gracia where you can purchase dried food in bulk without it being packaged in harmful plastic containers. Just grab one of their biodegradable paper bags and load up on any of their beautiful assortments of spices, rices, flours, teas, nuts, pastas, and many more! This market is the perfect spot for you if you have a dish that needs only a little bit of a certain spice, but don’t want to wastefully buy a whole container of it!

Address: Carrer de Puigmartí, 11, 08012 Barcelona; Carrer d’Astúries, 26, 08012 Barcelona; Carrer del Cigne, 10-12, 08012 Barcelona


With our guide on Where to Shop for Vegan Groceries in Barcelona, you’ll be able to save yourself some cash from not eating out constantly AND finally be able to eat those yummy vegan meat and cheeses that you can’t find in restaurants. Now that you have our insight on the best vegan supermarkets and markets in Barcelona, we apologize but with this knowledge, you’ll never want to leave this vegan heaven of Barcelona. Not only will you be saving the innocent lives of cute, harmless animals, but your homecooked plant-based dishes will leave your non-vegan friends begging for this guide too!



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