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Authentic traditions in Barcelona – Live Barcelona like a local


The Spanish culture has many traditions and Catalonia, in particular Barcelona, is definitely no exception. From traditional dances to gastronomic events, this article will cover it all. Discover everything you need to know about some typical traditions in Barcelona!


CorrefocCorrefoc is one of the most authentic Catalan traditions. It literally means ‘’fire-run’’, and its origins lie somewhere around 1078. The original idea of the Correfoc used to be to visualize the struggle between good and bad. This expresses itself through the costumes that people wear during the Correfoc. During the event, people are dressed up like devils or other monstrous characters. The participants of the fire-run are holding fire sticks, which they swing around in the air. In combination with fitting lights and drums, it makes for an incredible experience for spectators of the Correfoc.

If you are planning to visit this amazing typical Catalan event in Barcelona, it is sensible to note the following things. While visiting the Correfoc, we recommend you to wear clothes with long sleeves. It would also be a good idea to wear something to protect your eyes and neck.


CastellersWe simply cannot publish an article about traditions in Barcelona without mentioning the typical Catalan Castellers. A Castell is a ‘human building’ and these constructions can vary in height and amount of people. It makes for a unique experience and can be witnessed for free by everyone!

Every Castell is formed by a colles. These colles are not competing with each other. However, they do get points when performing their unique castells. All members of the colle wear the same outfit as the other member, and also the color of the clothes are the same.

The most well-known colles are the Castellers de Barcelona, and the Castellers de Sants. You also have the chance to be part of one of these colles. For more information, you should check out their website!


SardanaDance is a very important aspect in the Spanish culture. From Salsa to Flamenco, dances are incredibly popular here. However, there is a typical Catalan dance you might not be aware of. The Sardana dance is probably one of the most distinctive traditions in Barcelona.

The dance goes as follows. People stand in a circle and start holding hands. Then each dancer in the circle pays close attention to the circle leader. He or she will determine the speed and rhythm of the dance. Most of the choreography is in the legs, and it is extremely hard to get every step right. However, once you have got the hang of it, do not hesitate to join up with the dance once it is well under way! During the dance more and more people will join, and when the circle becomes too big, they divide it into two smaller circles.

Even if you are not the greatest dancing talent, it is still a great way to experience some real authentic Catalan culture in Barcelona!

La Calçotada

La CalçotadaAnother amazing tradition in Barcelona is the Calçotada celebration. This a typical Catalan gastronomical event, and it is annually celebrated at the beginning of Spring. During this celebration calçots are prepared on a huge barbecue, and later eaten by the locals. A calçot is a green onion grown in Catalonia.

Since this event is so popular in Barcelona, there are often eating competitions attached to this celebration. In these competitions, locals can eat up to more than 100 calçots! If you are visiting Barcelona at the end of Winter or the beginning of Spring, then you should definitely try one to experience something you never had before. In addition to this, the atmosphere during La Calçotada is incredibly welcoming and warm.


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