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Top reasons to visit Barcelona after the Corona Crisis is over


These are difficult times for everyone due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For now, the most important thing is to respect the measures being taken, and to stay healthy. Over the last few weeks, many have been affected by the virus. However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and that light is getting brighter each day! Better times are ahead, and in this article we will give you the top reasons to visit Barcelona when the Corona Crisis has ended!

Barcelona will be cleaner than ever

Pollution BarcelonaDuring the summer months, Barcelona can be littered and polluted. This is mostly due to the mass tourism. However, once this crisis has ended, Barcelona will be cleaner than it has ever been! The streets have been empty for months, so there is less CO2 pollution. Meaning that the air is incredibly clean. As you can see on the images from the BBC, the air is much cleaner than in March 2019. According to researchers, the nitrogen dioxide level in Barcelona fell by over 45% after the first week of the lockdown. In addition to this, you will find less garbage laying on the streets, since there is no one allowed on the streets these days. Barcelona will look and smell cleaner than ever, which is great for your stay.

Hotels and restaurants will be extremely motivated

One of the biggest financial sufferers of the Corona crisis are the hotels and restaurants. They need to shut their doors for multiple months, so they don’t have any income during this time. This means that they will be extra motivated to give it their all after this crisis is over. Therefore, you can expect excellent service from hotels and apartment rental agencies. Moreover, the restaurants will make sure everyone leaves their place with a big smile. This means that you will taste the best tapas and paella during your holidays! Due to this extra motivation your stay will be even better! And, of course, due to chefs missing being able to do what they do best- cook!

Barcelona is the best of both worlds

Barceloneta BeachDue to the crisis, everyone has been isolated in their homes for multiple months. When this all has ended, many people will undoubtedly want to travel again. However, since there is a lot of time to make up for, you will need to plan your travels efficiently. Barcelona is a great option for anyone who is not sure whether to go to a big city, or to go to the beach since Barcelona is the best of both worlds! Here you can spend your days marveling at the amazing culture you can find throughout the city, or you can spend your days relaxing on the beach while enjoying a delicious mojito. 

Since many flights have been cancelled over the last few weeks, many people will receive a voucher for their next flight. Over the summer, many will use these vouchers, and it is important to choose the right city for your holidays. Barcelona truly is the perfect combination, which is something to keep in mind while planning your holidays! If you don’t believe us, just check out our articles on things to see and do in Barcelona.

Especially during these difficult times, it is important to look forward to better days, and as said before, better times are ahead. It is a matter of patience until we can explore Barcelona again, but until then hold on and stay safe!


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