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Top 4 middle age castles in Catalonia


Catalonia is a place with a rich history. Over the years, many castles have been built on these lands for you to discover! Admire the astonishing views from these castles, and marvel at the beautiful ancient architecture. Learn about their origins and beauty, and find out where to find the top 4 best medieval castles in Catalonia!

The castle of Cardona

Castle of CardonaStarting off in Cardona, there is a beautiful castle situated on top of a hill. The castles’ origins lie somewhere around the year 886. The castle used to be a palace for the dukes of Cardona. This was the most important family of the crown of Aragon, and this palace was their royal house. Because of its idealistic location, you are able to enjoy the great view that overlooks the surrounding areas. From the top of the tower you can even see the early foothills of the Pyrenees mountains!

Nowadays, the castle serves as a luxurious hotel. Since the castle was built around 886, this makes it one of the oldest castles in Spain, ideal for a great day trip during your next visit to Barcelona!

The castle of Perelada

Castle of PereladaAnother beautiful castle can be found in a small town called Empordà. With its origins going back to the Middle Ages, the Castle of Perelada is one of the most emblematic landmarks of Catalonia. On the east side of the castle you can find 2 majestic towers. At night, these towers are fully lit, which makes for a beautiful sight. 

Within the castle you will be able to find an original monastery and an impressive library filled with numerous ancient documents around the bible. For wine lovers there is a special feature just for you! The monastery is home to a wine museum, which has certain elements of the original wine cellar on show. In addition to this there is also an historical collection of roughly 750 pieces that show the development of wine-making through the ages.

Castle of Tossa de Mar

Castle of Tossa de MarIn Tossa de Mar, you are able to find the next beautiful castle on this list. Being situated at the coast, you can enjoy an amazing view out to the Mediterranean Sea from the top! Whilst wandering the streets of Tossa de Mar, you will genuinely feel like you’ve gone back in time because everything in this lovely town looks ancient. From the picturesque cobble streets to the quaint side streets, it all feels magical. 

Sadly, most of the original castle was destroyed by pirates. However, the defense towers, as well as the village, are still standing for you to see. It is the perfect location for a day trip as you can spend some of the day relaxing at the beach!

Castle of Besalú

Castle of BesalúAnother town that will give you the feeling of going back in time is the town of Besalú. It is not far from Girona, and definitely worth visiting. In fact, it is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Catalonia! Besalú is full of character and it is well known for its beautiful bridge which is the trademark. Apart from this beautiful bridge, there is also a medieval castle whose origins lie around the 10th century. Although most of the castle has been destroyed, there are still some ruins left for you to explore. 

During your time here, you can have dinner at one of the many traditional restaurants situated at the city’s epicentre called Plaça de la Llibertat. It is also a great place to visit some traditional artisan shops for all your souvenirs! Get lost in Besalú’s stone maze and find out all the beautiful stories this medieval town has to offer!


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