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Street Style in Barcelona


Streetwear has grown significantly since its origins in the Californian surf and skate culture of the late 70s and early 80s. Having spread to Europe and the Far East, it now encompasses many elements of hip-hop, Japanese street style and modern haute couture fashion.

Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centres, just like Barcelona. As with the rest of the world, Barcelona has experienced a serious influx in streetwear, although here it has to be said it is mainly down to the flood of skaters which took the city by storm in the 90s and still have a commanding hold over it today.

Our favourite shops
24 Kilates (above image)
Located in the heart of the Born neighbourhood, 24 Kilates was founded in 2005 with the idea of giving a breath of fresh air to streetwear. The increasing demand for streetwear in Barcelona boosted the development of this project which is focused on spreading urban culture. Sneakers are the top product of the house.
24 Kilates gained consistency on the local scene and continues to accumulate international success thanks to different collaborations with notorious brands. Today, 24 Kilates stocks some of the best and most OG streetwear brands around, including Parra, Patta, Stüssy, Lacoste and many more.
Carrer de Comerç 29.  Metro – Barceloneta (L4)
Monday to Saturday 11-21h

Friday’s Project
This shop offers the latest trends in urban and casual fashion for women and girls. They stock the best brands on the streetwear scene including Rebel Spirit, Nike, Nolita and their very own Friday’s Project line which they sell exclusively.
La Rambla 68.  Metro – Drassanes (L3)
Monday to Sunday 11-21h

This original shop based in Born is one of the pioneers in combining urban fashion and art. Street brands such as Loreak Mendian, Obey and Skunkfunk (among many others) are aligned with artists such as Miss Van, Keith Haring and Víctor Castillo to create unique items. It opened its doors in 2003 and has since been an essential shop for the Barcelona youth. In a clear and luminous space, Iguapop is a must for all those seeking quality streetwear in Barcelona.
Carrer de Comerç 15; Metro – Barceloneta (L4)
Monday to Friday 11-14:30h/16-20h; Saturday 11-21h


limited editionsLimited Editions
This shop is actually made up of three separate shops all very close together. Trainers are the order of business and there’s no better place to find the best and most sought after footwear on the market. Their main shop is joined by an outlet store with great discounts and a further flagship store, which is rarely open. One must ask to have a browse, and we advise you do as there is a much greater selection.
Carrer del Duc 13. Metro – Jaume I (L4)
Monday to Saturday 11-20.30h


trust nobodyTrust Nobody
On two floors Trust Nobody offers skate decks, apparel and accessories from various brands, catering limited edition sneakers to Barcelona’s streetwear community. From time to time they showcase the work of local artists on the 2nd floor, so be on the lookout for that.
Carrer de Tallers 1. Metro – Catalunya, Liceu (L3)
Tuesday to Saturday 10:30-20:30h


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