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Spring in Barcelona


Without doubt, spring is the best time to visit Barcelona, as the good weather arrives along with the heat; days are much longer and you can pass through the city calmly as most tourists have not yet arrived. Furthermore, if you like to fully immerse yourself in local culture and traditions, you are in luck. This is the season with the most festivals, parties and celebrations! If you are looking for cheap prices, easier travels and avoiding queues, you must come to enjoy spring in Barcelona.

Spring in Barcelona

  • Weather in Barcelona

There is an old Spanish saying that goes “en abril, aguas mil”, or in English, “In April, thousands of water”. However, we advise that you don´t tale this too literally. Yes, it is true that after autumn, spring is the rainiest season in the city. Yet still, in the main, you will be able to enjoy most days with lots of sun and blue skies.

In speaking to the temperatures during spring in Barcelona, there is an average of 15ºC, with minimumsof 13ºC and maximums of 20ºC. However, the temperatures are very enjoyable and they allow you to go out in short sleeves any time in the day and catch some sun, we recommSpring in Barcelonaend that you always have a jacket with you as the weather changes from time to time during spring in Barcelona. Another Spanish saying goes “hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo”, or “until the 40th May do not take off your tunic”, which was worn in the past by villagers to keep them warm. Therefore, until around the 9th June, we recommend that you bring another layer with you, in case you feel the cold. As you have seen with the weather in Barcelona, it can trick you sometimes.

  • Activities and festivals

If you are a very active person, who wants to spend all their time having memorable experiences and relate with local traditions, you must come during spring in Barcelona for the best decision you could take. The largest number of festivities, popular celebrations, traditions and special activities are focused during these months from March till June. You can choose from music festivals that are internationally renowned, such as Primavera Sound or Sónar Fest, as well as traditional festivals like Semana Santa, the festival of “l´ou com Balla”, Sant Jordi and Sant Juan.Spring in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona is also a great time to make to take advantage and have a day-trip away from the city in order to see the wonderful places that Catalonia has on offer. Some of the trips we recommend are Tarragona- to see its festival, “Tarraco Viva”, to Girona- to enjoy its floral displays at “Girona temps de flors” or that you simply spend the day discovering the Costa Brava

  • Where to stay in Barcelona

It is essential to book good and welcoming accommodation that is adapted to all your needs in order to enjoy your visit to the city to 100%. In this way, we recommend the company AB Apartment Barcelona, the number 1 local company for tourism apartments in Barcelona. With more thanSpring in Barcelona 700 apartments spread out all over the city, it is impossible not to find the place of your dreams! Close to the beach to enjoy the weather and the harbour? In the city centre to be able to get around everywhere walking? Don´t worry, you have all the options! Furthermore, the price-quality ratio that they have is excellent, as one night in a luxury apartment can cost only €50 (practically a gift). From Barcelona Connect, we have received discount for all our readers! So you can use code ABGUESTS and you will receive a 5% discount off your booking.


It is inevitable that Spring in Barcelona is our preferred time of year, as you have been able to confirm, it is all beneficial! So do not doubt it any longer and start to plan your fantastic trip that you are thinking to discover all the corners of the precious Barcelona.


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