Mimo Sevilla: Lunchtime Tapas Tasting Tour


Many who come to Barcelona from further abroad often make the most of their time here by travelling to other places around Europe and Spain. The beautiful city of Seville is a popular destination; the long train journey isn’t that bad when you can watch the stunning landscapes change from Catalonia to Seville, as you head down to the South of the country… Mimo Sevilla provides a change to the restaurants in Barcelona, and if you’re travelling South it’s definitely worth including it in your itinerary…

Mimo Sevilla is named after the Spanish verb mimar, meaning to pamper or indulge. After spending three hours visiting tapas bars and sampling Seville’s best dishes, you will understand how Mimo chose their name. Enjoy the luxury of having a knowledgeable local guide lead you around the city, making you equally acquainted with both its geography and its gastronomy.

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Following the immense success of Mimo’s Pintxo Tasting Tour (ranked in the Top 10 Food Tours globally by TripAdvisor), an Andalucian version was created to introduce tourists to southern Spain’s cuisine. Seville has one of the highest ratios of bars to people of any city, making it especially fruitful to have a local guide to show you the very best places to eat and drink. It is also incredibly useful and interesting to have an expert explain the culinary traditions and peculiarities of Seville – of which there are many. All this and more is provided by Mimo’s first class tour.

Mimo’s local office can be found in the elegant and beautiful Hotel Alfonso XIII, located in the city centre. From this convenient starting point, you will discover the secret eateries of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. Amongst the sprawling, labyrinthine streets are small, family-owned tapas bars whose unassuming exteriors and dark, cool insides hide high quality dishes and remarkable products. Sit amongst hanging legs of ham and try different cuts of the famous jamón ibérico whilst drinking chilled glasses of dry sherry (manzanilla) from Spain’s nearby sherry triangle.

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Seville’s centre is small yet vibrant so you won’t have to walk far between each venue. The types of places you visit might vary considerably in appearance but each is bursting with personality. With a knowledgeable guide in tow, you will be treated to the very best dishes each bar or restaurant provides, each accompanied by the most suitable beverage. In other words, you will experience Sevillian cuisine like a true local and discover the many benefits of the tapas style of eating.

If you think that a tapas tour might leave you hungry – think again. Everywhere you visit you will be plied with food, from irresistibly tender beef cheek to delicate mushrooms and of course, the regional favourite, spinach with chickpeas. Although some dishes are seasonable and may change depending on when you take the tour, rest assured that every bar and restaurant will be highly rated by tourists and locals alike and serve only superior quality food.

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Since you get to try just one or two tapas dishes at each eatery, not only do you get to try a vast range of recipes, but you will also build an itinerary of first-rate places to return to during your holiday. Through a tour like Mimo Sevilla’s Lunchtime Tapas Tasting, you will therefore learn a great deal about Seville and where to find the best of Andalucian food and drink. By the end of the tour you will feel like a Sevillian expert, adroit at knowing your Amontillado from your Moscatel.


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