Interactive Activites in Barcelona


Sick of boring museums? Want something a little more, well, fun? Why not try these interactive activities in Barcelona guaranteed to keep you a lot more entertained than those fossils ever did…


Lock Clock Escape Room BarcelonaLock Clock Escape Room

Can you save the blueprints for the most famous church in the world from a blazing fire? Are you able to battle storms on a sinking pirate ship to find and return treasure to the Aztec Gods? Can you piece together the parts of your hangover and work out exactly what did happen the night before? Test your problem solving skills at Lock Clock Escape Room and see if you can escape your fate… with one of the most fun interactive activities in Barcelona!

There are three different rooms to discover, meaning that teams of five or less can quiz their logic and observation, revealing just how smart they really are. But be warned, sometimes the staff like to offer their ‘helpful’ comments through the intercom! All Game Masters speak Spanish and English- If you want to play in Catalan, Italian, Russian or French, contact Lock Clock to confirm their availability.

Passatge del Patriarca, 4-10


virtua barcelonaVirtual Reality Arcade

Go old school for interactivities in Barcelona with a difference in Virtua, Barcelona’s own Virtual Reality Arcade. With more than 90 jaw-dropping VR experiences and two arcades in Les Corts and Eixample, release your inner child with one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Games include Jurassic Park, Fruit Ninja, Spiderman: The Virtual Reality Experience, The Blu: An Underwater Experience, Gnomes and Goblins, and much much more. Virtua even has their own Virtual Reality Escape Room, allowing inquisitive puzzle heads to save the day by piecing together their escape; the VR goggles making it possible for teams to interact with the clues themselves!

With impressive graphics and the option to play in teams of up to four people, we guarantee that you and your team mates will find it hard to believe that none of this is really happening…

Les Corts: Taquígraf Garriga, 51

Eixample, Viladomat, 95


Indoor Karting

Aindoor karting barcelonare you an adrenaline junkie? Or think you could be the next best F1 championship driver? If you love all things fast and furious, why not visit Indoor Karting Barcelona. The first indoor kart track to open in Spain, this 500m ultimate generation asphalt track boasts the most advanced circuit in the whole of Europe. There are two layouts- one for children and another for adults – as well as a recently opened special circuit with electric karts especially designed for children between the ages of two and six.

With sessions starting from just €15 for children and €19 for adults, what are you waiting for? Get on your kart and ride…

Poligon Industrial El Pla, Ctra. Laureà Miró, 434 (N-340)


laser tag barcelonaLaser Tag

Step into the Laser War Galaxy and release your inner hunter as you stalk, take aim, and shoot your opponents in the largest laser tag arena in Spain. Able to host groups of 5 up to 150, Laser Tag is the ultimate adrenaline pincher for friends, family, and even work colleagues! Move stealthily, take cover in the spaceship, and boom! Take out your opponents before they get to you…

A game costs €8 from Monday- Thursday (with a second game costing €6) and €10 from Friday-Sunday (with a follow up session priced at €8).

Poligon Industrial El Pla, Ctra. Laureà Miró, 434 (N-340)

More information: As Laser Tag and Indoor Karting can be found at the same venue, why not kill two birds with one stone (or two opponents with one laser) and spend a whole day doing both of these amazing interactive adventures…


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