A tour of the opera, at Liceu Opera Barcelona

Liceu entrance

The Gran Teatre del Liceu’s stately entrance

Barcelona’s prestigious opera house was founded in 1847 on La Rambla. It quickly became one of the most important artistic and social references for Barcelona and Spain. Its generous capacity makes it the largest Italian style theatre in Europe and the world’s second largest. The walls of this iconic  establishment are mute testimonies to the artistic, social and political developments that have come to define the identity of Barcelona: from passion for the works of Wagner, to the 1893 anarchist bombing and the fire of 1994 that mobilized the whole society and the political class.

Its performances with the best contemporary classical singers and orchestras attract visitors and locals all year round. However, for an insight into its fascinating history and cultural significance, you’re recommended to take an Express Tour. Visits take place every day and are available in Catalan,
Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Liceu Sala Miralls

Saló dels Miralls

The tour begins in the extraordinarily elegant Renaissance style Vestibule, where locals and visitors dressed up in their finest outfits arrive for a special evening’s entertainment. You’ll be forgiven if the magnificence of the Auditorium takes your breath away. It is an exact replica of the impressive original horseshoe shaped concert hall that was designed by the architect Miquel Garriga i Roca in 1847, and which was rebuilt twice after suffering severe damage.

With 2,300 seats, it is the venue for the permanent season which includes a carefully selected agenda of opera, concerts, recitals and dance. High ceilings and intricate statues characterize the Saló dels Miralls (Hall of Mirrors). Inspirational quotations eulogise the significance of art and music as an expression of
our highest consciousness.

This was a meeting place for the bourgeoisie rather than the aristocracy, so themes such as justice and temperance also prevail. The foyer has a more modern touch, with wood panelling on the walls and avant garde lighting that illuminates artworks and features such as a centerpiece tree.

Express tour tickets can be purchased directly from the Gran Teatre del Liceu for 6€
Address: La Rambla 51-59.


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