Crime & Safety in Barcelona


Personal Safety

Barcelona is generally a safe city, although you’re advised to take the same precautions as in any international metropolis. Carry minimal valuables with you, leaving your passport, unnecessary cash, cards and documents in the flat. Pickpockets focus on busy areas such as La Rambla, public transport and the airport train, so be extra vigilant. Wear a bag with a strap around your shoulder, stay alert and listen to your intuition.

– Don’t put your wallet in your back pocket
– Don’t leave your bag on the floor
– Don’t put your wallet, purse or phone on the table
– Be wary of people stopping you in the street (to sign petitions etc).
– Don’t get involved in street games, such as the ‘where’s the ball’ game on La Rambla

To report a robbery

You will need to obtain a crime number in Barcelona to make any insurance claims abroad. This is issued at a police station, however you can also make the report online or by phone before collecting the number in person.

At Mossos d’Esquadra Police Stations:
The most central ones are:
Nou de la Rambla, 76-80
Plaça Catalunya (below the square)

English speaking telephone line:
902 102 112

Click on “accés a l’oficina virtual de denúncies”. Click your language.


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