Literature and Language at the Come In English Bookshop in Barcelona


The Come In English Bookshop offers an excellent selection of books and teaching materials. There are literature sections dedicated to classic and new novels, as well as more specialised sections such as poetry, journalism, design, history and other reference books. Audiobooks and DVDs provide another way to immerse yourself in the work of contemporary and classic writers.

Come In is one of the best-stocked English bookshops in Barcelona for English language teachers and students. Course books, work books and additional learning resources are available for all levels of adults and kids. You can also find exam papers for all levels, such as First Certificate and Proficiency. Curriculms are available for the international baccalaureate, primary and secondary school curriculums and materials for pre-primary learners.  Self-study guides, vocabulary books and specialised courses in business English are also available.

Other language courses are also available for European and international languages, from French, Italian and German, to Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. There are plenty of text books, grammar books and self-study resources to accompany you on your learning journey around the world.

A Kids Corner has large print and colourful books for younger children, which make ideal gifts. Comics, DVDs, song books and activity books make learning English even more fun!  Lots of popular English board games are also available, for all ages. These include the Games Room quizzes on food, travel, sports and general knowledge. Learning games such as story cubes, alphabet flashcards and magnetic word activities are ideal for both families and classrooms.

Their well-structured website makes browsing for books online and buying them even easier. Look out for one-off literary events in the bookshop, such as book presentations or activities for young learners. You’ll also find some great gift ideas.

The Come In English Bookshop is located at Carrer Balmes 129 bis, 08008, Barcelona.
Tel: 93 453 1204

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