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Whether you are looking for a room to rent in Barcelona, a job in Barcelona, a new flat or a language exchange you’re sure to find plenty of offers in the classifieds websites that serve the international Barcelona community. Information exchange in the 21st century continues to find new digital channels to flow down, but these “small ads” sites are still some of the most useful places where you can seek or offer accommodation, work, or other services. Moreover, most online classifieds portals are free for their registered members to use, so they are perfect for people to communicate with each other and offer itself to people that may need it.

Here are some of the most popular classifieds websites in Barcelona:

https://www.milanuncios.com/:  The most famous adverts web page in the whole of Spain.
• Wallapop: It is an mobile phone app where people upload second hand things that they want to sell, although in reality you can find all types of adverts. There is also section for buying cars!

Thanks to an increase in demand and rental prices, one of the most difficult things to find in Barcelona today is your ideal accommodation. Therefore, if you do not want to spend time looking at the pages and sections from classifieds in Barcelona, we recommend that you look at the website of AB Apartment Barcelona. In this portal, you can find hundreds of apartments to rent both for a short stay and for longer periods such as 6 months or a year. In addition, the value for money is one of the best in the entire market, since at all times there will be a team that serves you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have any problems.

So now you know, if you want to find the best bargains in the whole of Barcelona, don’t doubt in checking the section for classifieds in Barcelona.


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    • Hi Helen, we suggest you post your advert on a classifieds portal such as the ones mentioned in the above article. And ask an English speaker to help you write the ad – “looking for jump in restoration or some caffe.” doesn’t make sense! Good luck 🙂

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