Casa Batlló Gaudí


Casa Batlló was constructed between 1875 and 1877. Gaudí was asked to renovate the main façade, internal walls, staircase and the light well, but no one could have imagined the gift in store for the inhabitants of the building. He dreamed of an explosion of colour, movement and life and incorporated it into the building using broken coloured glass and glazed ceramics.

Inside, swirling staircases, undulating ceilings and dynamic splashes of colour and light ensures every corner is filled with a taste of Gaudí’s brilliance.

The Casa Batlló tour takes you through the Planta Noble (the Noble Floor) which was previously home to the Batlló family, the attic, the old laundry room and stores, La Azotea and the magnificent rooftop and chimneys which have incorporated the spine of the multicoloured dragon killed by Sant Jordi, and the Patio de Luces (main staircase and light well).


Passieg de Gràcia 43,08007 Barcelona
(34) 932 160 306
Everyday 9:00 – 21:00



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