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The best plans to experience Barcelona like a local


Many people that come to Barcelona for the first time focus exclusively on visiting the most important and touristic sites. This is a good way to have a general idea on the city, its history and way of life… but the truth is that there is a lot of difference between visiting a city and living it. If you are looking to experience Barcelona like a local and discover what day to day life is like in this city then you must experience certain things that you would surely never plan on doing whilst on a usual trip.

Stop whatever you´re doing, pay attention and discover our recommendations about the best plans you can do in order to…

Experience Barcelona like a local:

Picnic in La Ciutadellaexperience Barcelona Like A Local

This is one of the classics of Barcelona experiences, as it is very common to make the most of a sunny day by going down to the park with friends, lying on the grass, eating something rich in flavour, having a refreshing beer and simply admiring the tranquility, the environment and having a good time…


Eating a “menú del día”experience Barcelona Like A Local

There is no culinary custom more typical in Spain than a menú del día. Virtually all restaurants have it as an option, which consists of a menu composed, usually, of a first dish or entree, a second or main dish, dessert, coffee and drink. In each part of the menu you can find 4 options and it usually costs around 10€ for the cheapest menus and 20-30€ for the more expensive options.


Go to the most remote beachesexperience Barcelona Like A Local

One of the things locals never do is go to Barceloneta, as it is one of the dirtiest and dangerous (thanks to its characteristics) beaches in the whole area. If you are looking to enjoya n authentic day at the beach and Experience Barcelona Like A Local we recommend that youy go to la playa de Castelldefels, Gavà or Montgat. The best option would be to escape for a day and enjoy la Costa Brava or la Costa Daurada.


Have melted chocolate with churros on el cperience Barcelona Like A Localarrer Peritxol

As Autumn and the cold nears, the season of staying in during the evening and eating churros with chocolate officially begins. For some, it is without doubt that the best place to go is the most chocolate-making tradition, la calle Peritxol (Moreso than the most popular tasting farms, such as La Pallaresa o La Dulcinea). Also, you have to remember that chocolate in Spain is, thicker than chocolate in colder countries, due to this you´ll either love it or hate it. But find that out yourself!


Explore la Carretera de les Aigüesexperience Barcelona Like A Local

If you want to spend a morning doing some exercise, connect with nature and enjoying some of the best views of Barcelona, you have to go to “La Carretera de les Aigues”. This area is well-known among cyclists, joggers and even families that go there to walk the dog because its such a lovely and calm place that you can easily Access by public transport.


Don’t go to the Olympic Portexperience Barcelona Like A Local

We know that the most popular party zone that has loads of bars and clubs is the Olympic Port, but believe us when we tell you that, there is no trace of locals who go there to party. Normally, a person from Barcelona will usually go out in the zone of “Marina” and go to Razzmatazz, or also go to clubs like Apolo, Arena, Bling Bling and Otto Zutz.



With everything we have recommended to you in order to experience Barcelona like a local, there are other experiences that are essential to try if you have the time, such as tasting drinks in el vermut, or food like snails, roasted aubergine and calçots with romesco (which are very common in November). Also, it´s obligatory to go to a local food market in your neighbourhood (la Boquería does not count) and, above everything, that you take advantage of bar terraces… There is an infinite amount of things to do in the city in order to experience Barcelona like a local!


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