The Top 5 Best Museums in Barcelona


Apart from sun, beach, party, drink and delicious food Barcelona can boast a great cultural offer for all tastes. With approximately 50 museums scattered throughout the city with very different themes (art, science, history, cultures, sports, etc …) you definitely cannot resist visiting at least one of these sites. And as we know precisely that the offer of museums provided by the city is so extensive that it can be difficult to opt for one …so today we´ll bring you a compilation of the 5 best museums in Barcelona!


MNAC Best museums in Barcelona

One of the best museums in Barcelona, maybe the best of all, is the MNAC (National Museum of Art of Catalonia), which is located at the end of the Maria Cristina Avenue, very close to Plaza España. This museum stands out for its large collection of Romanesque art, as it is one of the largest in the world. Besides you can find art pieces by such remarkable painters as Picasso, Fortu ny, El Greco, Cases, etc …


Picasso museumBest museums in Barcelona

If you like art, you cannot miss visiting the Picasso museum, as it is considered one of the best museums in Barcelona because it owns the largest collection of works by this worldwide artist … in total more than 4,200! No doubt that it has a considerable fame since every year it can be visited by over 1,000,000 people. The entrance is around 12 euros, although Thursday afternoons and the first Sunday of each month you can enter for free.



FCB MuseumBest museums in Barcelona

Undoubtedly, football brings passions, and more so a team as important worldwide as the Futbol Club Barcelona. Either because of its fame or its recognition, apart from being considered the best football museum in the world, today it is considered the most visited museum in all Catalonia! Inside you can find all the trophies won by the history of the club, a space dedicated to Messi, shirts and souvenirs of players, images, golden balls, etc … In addition, you can also take a tour of the Camp Nou facilities.


Born Cultural CenterBest museums in Barcelona

It could be considered one of the most special museums in Barcelona … since it´s open-air, inside an old market, free of charge, and inside it houses one of the most important archaeological sites in the world of modern times. It´s incredible, isn´t it? If you are interested in archeology, you can even go down to the site to walk along the streets of Barcelona in 1700 and discover how you would be living in the city 300 years ago. If you are a fan of history it is one of the museums that you cannot miss!


Cosmo CaixaBest museums in Barcelona

The Cosmo Caixa museum is considered one of the best museums in Barcelona due to its wide variety of rooms and exhibitions dedicated exclusively to all the different fields of science. Within this modernist building you can find from the most famous and curious scientific experiments to an Amazonian forest, a planetarium and an aquarium. It is also an ideal place to go with young children!



Apart from all these magnificent museums that we mentioned above, there are many others that you should definitely not miss if you have time and you are into these spaces, such as: the MCBA, the Miró Foundation, the MUHBA, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona or the Caixa Forum … amongst others. Do not be fooled by Barcelona’s typical image of sun and beach tourism and dive into all the cultural possibilities that this great city offers!


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