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Where to eat the best chocolate in Barcelona


When it starts to get cold is when the only thing we want to do is stay at home, watching a film or reading a book, with the rain outside and drinking hot chocolate. The idea alone of this blissful setting is amazing, but what is clear is that the best part of this activity is, without a doubt, the hot chocolate. In this sense, we are lucky that Barcelona has a chocolate making tradition that has been very important to the city since going to the Americas in the 14th Century. From this passion has blossomed hundereds of establishments all over the city where you can buy and eat chocolate, although only few can claim to have the best chocolate in Barcelona.

*Caution: This post contains high levels of chocolate, sweets and sugar. It is therefore not ideal reading for those with a sweet tooth.


-Casa Amatller:best chocolate in Barcelona

Just next to Casa Batlló you can find Casa Amatller, which conceals an important secret from within… The best chocolate in Barcelona! The company “Casa Amatller” is one of the most famous chocolate brands in Europe, which has over 300 years of history and was founded by Gabriel Amatller around 1797 in Barcelona. Today you can taste chocolate inside their café, belonging to the chain “Fabiorit”, Own-brand “Ametller Origen” and the very famous liquid chocolate, which are served with whipped cream and pieces of toast.


-Chocolate Museum:best chocolate in Barcelona

What better place to try this sweet delight than in the very-own chocolate museum? This place, other than being worth the visit (The ticket is chocolate!), it has a café, where; obviously, they sell all sorts of chocolate. Of course, don´t worry that you may fall in love with their chocolate or bonbons, you can buy them in the shop without any problema.


-The new chocolatería de Oriol Balaguer:

Located in the fantastic market square of El Born, this chocolatería, founded by the master Oriol Balaguer, has won many awards for the cakeshop. In this wonderfully place is decorated in gold and serves loads of desserts and high quality sweets, as well as lots of delicious chocolate that will leave you more than satisfied. With that being said, we warn you that, given its popularity, there are usually long queues and you have to pay to sit inside.


-Petritxol Xocoa:best chocolate in Barcelona

Everyone knows this place of excellence is where to go to find the best chocolate in Barcelona it is La Calle Petritxol. On this street you will find lots of unique businesses and “Grangetes” (traditional catalan cafés where you can have a meal or a snack), full of sweet delights and all types of dessert. Therefore, if you want to try churros with chocolate then you simply have to visit “Petritxol-Xocoa”, where they´ve spent more than 20 years dedicated to this company.


-La Nena:

Another example of traditional business that never goes out of fashion is “la nena”. This local spot is perfect to go with your family, enjoy a cup of chocolate with churros (or a piece of cake) and spent quality time with loved ones. Furthermore, its an ideal place to go with kids as they have board games to occupy the kids whilst the adults chat. We advise you, as it is in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, that you lose yourself in their amazing streets, you will not regret it!


-Chök:best chocolate in Barcelona

If you are passionate about doughnuts, cronuts and every other possible variation, this is your kind of place. This small but very famous cake shop dedicates all its time to making filled dougnuts with a sweet base of chocolate that makes your mouth water. Also, being a very instagrammable place (As much for the place as the food), their creations are the tastiest that you could try in the whole city, at reasonable prices.



Even in Barcelona we are so proud of our lovely sweets and chocolates, we simply have to advertise them, if you come to a country in Northern Europe, its all about liquid chocolate. This is because here the chocolate is very dark with a very strong taste, different to what people are used to in other countries that softer and smoother (Just like our Cacaolat).

After having read our reccomendations… What are you waiting for? Embark on a tasty adventure for all the possible winners of the best chocolate in Barcelona.


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