Barcelona’s Markets Tour


Barcelona Markets Route



Barcelona’s Markets Route:

Barcelona is renowned for its Mediterranean cuisine, so it’s hardly surprising that each neighbourhood has a market that´s busting with freshness and flavours. Have a good look around, do ask for what’s in season, and don’t try haggling, as prices are fixed and the stall halders won´t be impressed!

1. Abaceria, Gràcia
This residential district has a great market, where you’ll find a good selection of fresh food. The surrounding stalls sell clothes, jewellery, and other giftable items.
Travessera de Gràcia, 186

2. Mercat del Ninot
Built in 1892, this market has stood the test of time and remains a focal point for the local ommunity. There are also more than 90 non-food stalls to browse through.
C/ Mallorca, 135

3. La Boqueria
Barcelona’s most famous market is located on La Rambla. Fresh fruit portions, juices and tapas are available from the stalls and restaurants inside. Delicious.
La Rambla, 91

4. Santa Caterina
Its colourful roof, lively ambience and central location attracts many tourists every year. Don’t miss the excellent La Torna tapas bar.
Av. Francesc Cambó, 16

5. Barceloneta Market
You’ll find fresh fish and seafood in this seaside district market, as well as all kinds of other specialties.
C/ del Baluart, 23

6. Els Encants Vells
This is by far the biggest flea market in Barcelonas. A treasure trove of second hand and vintage items, from clothes to accessories and furniture. Loose yourselves!
C/ Castillejos 158

7. La Concepció
Its history and origins are synonymous with the creation of the Eixample district in the 19th century. It is especially renowned for its flower stalls.
C/ Aragó, 311




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