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Traveling in a foreign country can be a bit complicated, especially when trying to figure out a new transit system. Thus, we decided to make a guide to make your traveling in Barcelona a lot smoother and stress free.

transit 101Barcelona Travel Cards Hola BCN!

These travel cards are particularly convenient if you are only spending a weekend, or a few days in Barcelona. It is a single person ticket you only purchase once and lasts for the number of days you choose.  These cards include unlimited journeys on metro, bus, and the rest of Barcelona public transportation within 2-5 consecutive days in just one ticket. You can also use your card for metro passes from Barcelona airport to the city centre and vice versa. If you purchase online you get a 10% discount, to purchase click here.


Single Tickets

If you are not planning on using public transportation often you can purchase a singletransit 101 ticket. Single tickets vary from the bus, airport ticket, and special football tickets. The basic single ticket is valid for one journey on the TMB bus, metro, or the Montjuïc funicular. It is also a single person ticket. They are available for purchase at the metro automatic vending machines and customer service centres. For prices and specific single ticket information click here


Integrated Transport Ticket

The integrated transport ticket is the most convenient if you’re traveling for a few days alone or with friends and/or family and won’t be using public transport enough to justify the Hola Barcelona day travelcards. There are various features to this ticket which you can learn more at tmb.cat, but we will focus on the T-10.

T-10The T-10 is a multi-person travel card valid for 10 journeys from 1 to 6 zones. Barcelona city is all in Zone 1, nearby towns are in other zones, so you’ll probably only need a one zone ticket. To know which zone you will be traveling to/from click here. You can purchase this travel card at the TMB bus and metro automatic vending machines, customer service and information centres, or other integrated fair system operators. Prices also vary according to zone, to view prices click here.


transit 101Other Information

These were just a few examples of different methods of public transportation. If you’d like to learn more visit tmb.cat for more services and information. If you get lost or are not quite sure where to go don’t be afraid to ask people in the metro stations or at the bus stops, there’s always someone willing to help. There are also operators and information centres with useful information that are sure to help you get where you need to go.

Happy Traveling!


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