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Bamboo Bike Tours – Reinventing the Wheel


Riding a bike made out of bamboo is the ultimate method of transport in Barcelona, since it’s even more eco-friendly, gratifying and comfortable than an ordinary bicycle. With Bamboo Bike Tours, you get the chance to take a handmade, high-tech chopper for a spin, plus receive a fascinating guided tour of the city from an experienced and passionate resident. Become a moving attraction as you glide effortlessly around the Catalan capital, and learn about its rich culture as you go.

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The concept of a bike made from bamboo is a little peculiar but Barcelona loves to celebrate this kind of funky innovation, especially when it’s also sustainable for the planet. Unlike wood, bamboo avoids deforestation because it is a fast-growing plant, and unlike metal, it requires very little energy to source and craft. Bamboo is also lightweight, strong and supple; the perfect combination for a comfortable frame that acts as natural suspension by absorbing impact. Bamboo Bike Tours source their vehicles from Argentina and ensure only the highest quality components are selected for your comfort and safety.

Once you have been allocated your hand-crafted ride, you are free to follow your guide through the most scenic routes Barcelona has to offer. There is no better way to see the sights of a city with an average 300 days of unbroken sun, than in the open air. As you glide past magnificent views such as Port Vell and the lofty W Hotel, you will appreciate both the superior design of your vehicle and the unrivalled beauty of the city in equal measure.

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However, to truly comprehend the intriguing history and culture behind the Mediterranean metropolis, a knowledgeable chaperone is required. This is where Bamboo Bike Tours live up to the second part of their name, providing insightful and entertaining facts about the city and its people. Learn how watershed events such as the 1992 Olympic Games and the 1888 Universal Exposition transformed whole districts, and helped create the landscape we see today. The experienced guides can offer as much or as little information as you like, tailoring each tour to the expectations and interests of the group. This flexibility and easygoing attitude permeates the entire journey and it feels as if you are exploring the city with a close and erudite friend.


Bamboo Bike Tours are an easy way to see a significant portion of Barcelona, in every way. The bikes themselves make for a smooth ride, and the flat geography of the city contributes to an undemanding journey – even in the heat of summer. Groups are intentionally small so that you and your friends can enjoy a personal tour, and the guides themselves are a fun, enthusiastic addition to the day, providing entertainment and intuition throughout.



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