“Women: fictions and realities” exhibition opens today at Museu d’Història de Catalunya


The new exhibition “Women: fictions and realities” runs from the 2nd March – 28th May. It aims to draw attention a historical interference, which is still present in the lives of women: the conflictive, awkward and complex relationship between the standard models of femininity spread by the popoular media culture and their actual realities. These are constructed under the pressure of sexism and traditional heteropatriarcal culture, yet resonate strongly with authority, disagreement and dissent.

The exhibition offers a journey through some of the most iconic moments from the postwar period to the present, which provide evidence of the discomfort of women faced by the official narratives and elements used as propaganda to promote a reductionist model which restricted femininity and therefore also the freedom of women.

It revolves around three stories that intersect along the way: the work of women, their invisibility and stereotypes created around their work activities; the staging of the social and political participation of women, their mobilization and the emergence of feminism in Catalonia, and finally the visual narratives related to stereotypical models and behaviours regarding female body, sexuality and love.

The exhibition is curated by the Museu d’Història de Catalunya in Barceloneta.
Plaça de Pau Vila 3


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