Uncovering Urban Art with the Barcelona Street Style Tour – by Mark J


Street Art and Graffiti in Barcelona

Barcelona is a gigantic open-air exhibition of world-class graffiti and urban street art.  It changes every night in fact, but walking around the city-centre, you will see some culturally historic pieces and perhaps a few new pieces by some of the biggest names on the international scene.

MACBA and Raval

Street Style Tour

To discover the true hidden gems, we suggest you hook up with the Barcelona Street Style Tour, who will guide you to some of the city’s best and freshest work.  The tour is the definitive guide to Barcelona’s urban culture, and it’s also a winner with big brands on their corporate events.  Tours are free, but you’re invited to give a suggested donation of8€-10€… or whatever you can!

If you don’t have time to take a tour, we’ve picked out a few hot-spots which you can check out in your own time. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures taken by people who have attended the tour, capturing some of the boldest and most original work.

Street Style Tours


1. MACBA and the skater hangouts

(Plaça Angels, 1) A hotbed, all major artists have a piece here.  Move in any direction and you will find treasure after treasure.  There are also a lot of older pieces here as you move deeper into the Raval.


2. Explore the Raval

There have been some changes on Rambla Raval with the recent demolishing of the old okupas squat, but that has exposed even more art.  Try to pick a route that takes you near El Paral-lel.


3. Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies

It’s easy to find, just head to the where you see the 3 big chimneys breaking the skyline.  Art is encouraged here, so you are allowed to paint.  This summer saw a great new piece by Pez here, for example.  See if you can spot the balaclava which changes colour with each new piece of work!

Jardin Tres Xemeneies


4. Jardin Walter Benjamin

Another zone where art creation is encouraged.  People can paint legally here, so there are always new and interesting murals.  Visit this spot during the day, as the park is where the city’s homeless tend to stay in at night and there’s a more unsettled vibe.


5. Jewels of  the Gothic

Start at Carrer Ataulf (with Carrer Templars) and then head into Carrer Milans.  Just walking along these two streets alone, it could potentially take hours to see all the art treasures they hide.  You’ll also come across some old gems by Pez, Kram & Bombzone.


6. Bopping around the Born

The art in the Born district is not only on the street.  Several local galleries exhibit and sell work by the street artists. The Montana shop is number one for obvious reasons, and its adjacent gallery showcases top street talent.

Born Street Art


7. Industrial vibes of  Poble Nou

This area is a hotbed for some of the largest and freshest murals.  In fact it is a route in itself, so we suggest that you take the Barcelona Street Style Bicycle Tour for this one!


Street Art Barcelona



Don’t  just stick to “yellow brick road” however… art is everywhere in Barcelona, you’ve just got to know where to look.  If you’re lucky you may still get the opportunity to catch some past projects which have survived over the years.  Pay particular attention to shop shutters, which are best seen at night or on a Sunday for obvious reasons, as most of the oldest pieces survive on them!

Hook up with: barcelonastreetstyletour.com


And don’t miss THIS!!

Check out the excellent documentary “Las Calles Hablan” (Barcelona 2013) which investigates the local urban art scene, with exclusive interviews featuring some of the most talented protagonists in Barcelona, and impeccable photography.


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