Top summer refreshments to cool you down


During Spain’s hot summer months under the Mediterranean sun, there is no shortage of a need for cool, refreshing drinks. From timeless concoctions to unique variations of classic drinks, these summer refreshments are very much the order of the day. Here are a few of the most popular drinks to help you beat the intense summer heat.

Horchata1. Horchata

This unique and deliciously refreshing concoction made from tiger nuts, water and sugar is a popular drink all over Spain, especially around Valencia. Served chilled, horchata is beloved from coast to coast. The simple sweetness and slightly bitter aftertaste are an acquired taste to many. One of the most popular places to enjoy a horchata in Barcelona is Horchatería Sirvent, a Barcelona institution founded in 1920. Locals line up during the summer months to get a taste of the best horchata in town. Be sure to try this go-to drink, enjoyed by many Catalans on a hot, summer day.

Granizado2. Granizado

To satisfy that summer lemonade craving, granizado offers a solution to all of your hankerings, with a unique spin on the classic drink. Granazidos are icy-cold, semi-frozen drinks that are offered in numerous flavours and go down perfectly under the strong Barcelona sun. With the abundance of citrus fruits in Spain, lemon granizado is most popular in the area. Combining three summer staples- lemon, sugar, and water, this simple yet refreshing drink is sure to hit the spot every time.

Sangria3. Sangria

Nothing goes better together than summer and sangria, and no trip to Spain is complete without a glass (or pitcher!) of this classic and beloved Spanish cocktail. This mix of wine, spirits, chopped fruit, soda, and ice can be found at nearly every restaurant and bar in the city, and is enjoyed by many all over the country. Though it is generally seen made with a red wine base, it can also be served with rosé or white wine and a variety of garnishes to pair perfectly with the wine and spirit combo so there is sure to be a version to suit your needs. This novelty punch has won the hearts of many Spanish locals and tourists alike.

clara4. Clara

While Spain is without a doubt a wine culture, another drink of choice with much popularity is Spanish beer- or cerveza. When in search of a cold brew, keep an eye out for Cruzcampo, Damm, Mahou, or San Miguel. For a lighter but equally refreshing alternative, ask for a clara, which is one part Spanish beer and one part Casera (similar to tonic water with just a hint of lemon-flavoring). This refreshing and satisfying drink is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

cafe con hielo5. Café con hielo

Few things compare to a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning. But in the intense summer heat amidst the Mediterranean sun, hot coffee can be far from refreshing. To satisfy that caffeine craving while also cooling down, try café con hielo, popularly known and liked in the States as ‘iced coffee.’ This cold brew can be served black or with cream, sugar or both. Be sure to check out some of the best coffee shops in the city to find your favorite café con hielo to help ease into those early mornings.


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