Top 5 Museums Outside Barcelona


Dali Museum Figueres1. Surrealism at the Dali-Theatre Museum

The Dalí Theatre-museum is one of the most important landmarks in Figueres thanks to the creativity of Salvador Dalí. A visit to this museum offers insights into the unique mind of the idiosyncratic artist and showman. Discover Dalí’s controversial trajectory, from early sketches to elaborately detailed paintings and sculptures.
Train from Barcelona Sants or Pg. de Gràcia to Figueres Vilafant.
Address: Partida Castell, 28.


Romantic Museum Sitges2. Style and grace at the Museu Romántic

Built in 1793, the Museu Romántic Can Llopis reveals the prosperous lifestyle of a Catalan family from the Romantic period. Mural paintings, musical instruments and an intriguing garden offer a unique experience here. The museum is only 30 minutes south of Barcelona, in the seaside town of Sitges.
Train from Barcelona Pg de Gràcia/Sants towards Vilanova l La Geltrú, to Sitges. Address: Carrer de Sant Gaudenci.


Badalona Museum3. Roman remains at Badalona Museum

As one of Catalonia´s largest enclosed archaeological areas, the Museum of Badalona offers a fascinating insight into ancient Roman life. Its exhibitions details the history behind the Roman settlement of Badalona, a town which continues seamlessly on from Barcelona’s city limits.
Metro: L2 to Badalona Pompeu Fabra.
Address: Plaça Assemblea Catalunya, 1.


Tarragona Archaeological Museum4. Blast from the past at the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

The small town of Tarragona, just outside of Barcelona, is renowned for its historical significance. Known as Tarraco, this was the Roman capital of the Iberian peninsula. This museum displays the rich history of Tarragona with intriguing mosaics, ceramics and sculptures of architectural importance. The discovery of some pieces dates back to the sixteenth century while others have been discovered in more recent years.
Train from Barcelona-Sants, to Tarragona.
Address: Plaça del Rei, 5.

Catalonia Railway Museum5. Industrial history at the Catalonia Railway Museum

Exploring this large collection of historical railways at the Catalonia Railway Museum is a super fun experience for kids. This museum, located in Vilanova i la Geltrú, displays the history of railway locomotives from the 19th to 20th centuries. With some historical information, and plenty of fun activities for kids, this museum offers an unusual experience for everyone.
Train from Barcelona-Sants towards Sants Vicenç De Calders, to Vilanova i La Geltrú.
Address: Plaça Eduard Maristany


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