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Barcelona museums  •  Centre d'Interpretació del Park Güell


Pabellón de Conserjería Park Güell c/ d’Olot, s/n
93 285 68 99
Mon to Fri: 11-15h


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This centre allows you to experience the inicial formation of the park and how the designers wished the plants, trees and garden landscape to look when it was first created. Also the centre permanently exhibits ‘Gaudí y el Park Güell. Arquitectura y naturaleza’ (Gaudi and Park Guell. Architecture and Nature) which includes photos, audiovisuals and plans of the development and the physical geography of the park.

General admission:

7.00 euros

4.90 euros 7-12 years & Over 65+

Free for 6 years old and under




Carrer d’Olot, Barcelona
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