Movie Night Made Easy


Movie nights in Barcelona can be a challenge if your Spanish can not keep up with the actors. If a big release comes out during your stay or you’re looking to take a break from the busy nights, these movie theatres may be able to help.

Often the movies played in Barcelona theatres are in Spanish(or Catalan) or they are dubbed over. This means the movie has voice actors speaking in Spanish/Catalan that replace the original sound. English speaking movie goers can avoid this issue by going to theatres and movies advertised as VO or VOSE. Versión Original (VO) movies are played in the original language in which the film was made with no voice overs. VOSE movies have subtitles in Spanish/Catalan playing across the bottom. If the pop up of text does not bother you, this is the way to catch a movie in Barcelona.

Most of the theatres’ websites are in Spanish/Catalan. When looking for your movie, look for “Cartelera” which is where you will find the movie times. Then, look for movies that say VO or VOSE. It’s important to consider that VO means the movie will be played in its original language. Though many movies are filmed in English, many are not. Generally, the theatres allow you to buy your tickets online which is a good way to avoid any lines or confusion. They also usually provide public transportation information at the bottom of the web page by their address.

With that in mind, here are theatres where you can catch your next flick:

Sala Phenomena 

Located near La Sagrada Família, Sala Phenomena promises “the ultimate cinematic experience.” The theatre features popular new releases along with older classics. With large screens and ambience, it is one of the larger and fancier theatres of Barcelona. This makes it pricier that some of the other theatres.  Tickets range from 6€ to 9€ with discounts for seniors and children.


Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168
Sagrada Família
Phone:  +34 93 252 7743
E-mail:  info@phenomena-experience.com


Filmoteca de Catalunya 

Filmoteca is a theatre owned by the city council. Its movie selections are on the independent side and offer a look into art house films. Tickets are on the low end at 4€. When navigating their website, go to Programació then looks for a movie with VOSE and Idioma: Inglés in its description.


Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 9
Phone:  +34 935 67 1070
E-mail:  filmoteca.cultura@gencat.cat



Cine Verdi offers a middle ground between artsy and blockbuster for those who are divided between the two. The theatre offers foreign and lesser known films as well as popular releases. They also have “Verdi Kids” which offers a variety of kid friendly movies. Tickets are €8 but weekday matinee showings are  5.50€.

Location: Calle Verdi, 32
Phone:  +34 93 238 7990


Yelmo Cines Icaria 

Nearly beachside, Yelmo Icaria is located in El Centro de la Vila shopping centre. With 15 screens, it is on the larger side of Barcelona theatres. The film selections include popular new releases. Tickets are 7.90€. Wednesday tickets are discounted to 4.60€.

Location: Calle Salvador Espiriu, 61
El Centre de la Vila
Port Olímpic
Phone:  +34 90 222 0922
E-mail:  Icaria@yelmocines.es


Melies Cinemas 

Melies is a small uptown Barcelona art house. It has only two screens and features mostly independent dramas. Here it is important to note that some of their films are foreign so they may not be in or subtitled in English. Be sure to check that the VOSE language is correct. Tickets are €6. Mondays are €4.

Location: Calle Villarroel, 102
Phone: +34 934 51 00 51



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