Malgam Restaurant Barcelona


Ladies and gentlemen, you are truly in for a treat at Malgam Restaurant. This modern and inviting space has been recently created by experienced interior designers. They have applied their best insights from having designed dozens of prestigious restaurants in Barcelona. Each table has its own individual touch, different shaped tables and chairs, several secluded corners with cozy round tables, lunch on the go style bar and a cocktail ambience at the entrance.

The cuisine is also second to none. A fusion Mediterranean and Japanese theme is expressed through international favorites such as risottos, steak tartar and tuna tataki. A good vegetarian option is always available as well as a generous menu del dia. Specialty desserts include original creations like their delicious sushi tiramisu. As you would expect, the wines are carefully chosen and the house wines reflect the good taste and attention to detail that Malgam is quickly gaining a reputation for.

After 11pm the lighting dims and live musicians or DJs add a sparkle to the night at weekends. It is a great place to pop in for a pre-cocktail but the smart ones know that the best party nights start with dinner here! Come down and check this wonderful dining experience for yourself.


C/ Aribau, 113
93 452 3673
Mon 8:00-18:00, Tue-Wed 08:00-00:00, Thur-Sat 08:00-03:00



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