Escape room adventures at Lock-Clock Barcelona


Experience the ultimate real-life adventure escape room game with Lock-Clock, a hidden and exhilarating world located in the heart of Barcelona. Put your teamwork skills to the test as you and your fellow team mates solve perplexing puzzles and cryptic clues in your bid to escape the locked room. In a fight against the clock, you will have one hour to collect the twenty coins necessary to unlock the doors and escape. All it requires is imagination, logic, critical thinking and a sprinkle of team spirit!

Lock Clock BarcelonaWhat is it?

Choose from three mysterious rooms, each with different brain teasers and clues to solve. If you fancy searching for treasure on a Spanish Galleon and being transported to early-modern Spain, their Aztec Treasure room is the perfect match for you. Alternatively, for all the culture vulture’s amongst you, make a beeline for Gaudí’s workshop to help save the blueprints of his ingenious masterpieces which are about to be demolished by a raging fire. Their newly launched after-party room is ideal for Barcelona’s partygoers- you wake up in a strange apartment the morning after the night before (we’ve all been there!) and you need to get out as quickly as possible.

What’s more, to ensure that you never forget your Lock-Clock experience, your photo will be taken by the fabulous team and posted on their website.

Lock Clock BarcelonaWho can play?

Each game is designed to be played by 2-5 people, however, if you speak to the team beforehand they will be flexible and allow for a bigger team. Lock-Clock targets people that are looking to enjoy a unique activity with friends or family and to shake up their everyday life. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for company team bonding and a great activity for hen dos, birthdays and stag parties.

How can I book?

The easiest way is to book online where all the available dates and times are clearly displayed. However, for teams larger than 5, it would be advisable to book via email or phone (+34 930 24 69 31).

Lock Clock BarcelonaWhat else do they do?

They often host music events, film viewings, talks, games nights and other cultural events in their space, so check their website for the upcoming line-up of events.



Passatge del Patriarca, 4


Metro: Urquinaona (L1 and L4)



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  1. Thank you very much for this article! I went with my family there and we had a lot of fun! It was a real adventure.

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