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La Mercè Festival Barcelona 2019


Are you in Barcelona between 20th and 24th of September? Are you looking for something unique, fun and where you can immerse yourself in the rich Catalan and Spanish spirit like the locals? Well you are in luck as you’ll be able to enjoy, in full, one of the most important festivals of the year, la Mercè Festival Barcelona!

Every year around the 24th September (the day of the Virgin of Mercy, the patron of Barcelona) people celebrate the best festival in the city, where each year over 600 activities are organised around all of Barcelona in order to celebrate the festivities. And, above all, to say goodbye to summer in the best way possible and give way to the coldest months of Autumn.

This year the chosen city for la Mercè Festival Barcelona is Beirut, so we will be able to find a wide range of screenings, spectales and concerts led by artists from Beirut spread out around the whole city. Without a doubt an incredible opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Lebanese atmosphere and culture.

Activities for la Mercè festival Barcelona 2019:

La Mercè Festival Barcelona is famous not only for being the largest fiesta in the city, but also for organizing hundereds of free and publically accessible activities so that everyone can enjoy them. Amongst these activities there are many traditional catalan customs that will in no doubt leave you, at the very least, curious.



Correfocs are a parade of pyrothecnics in the streets where people saw demons and pass through the city whilst burning artifacts. It is very important that if you want to attend one you cover up properly and wear closed shoes in order to avoid sparks directly catching your skin. The route starts on Via Laietana and finishes at Consulado del Mar.

-CastellersLa Mercè Festival Barcelona

I’m sure that you have heard talk of the famous “human towers”… Well we asure you that in person they are three times more impressive! Without a doubt it is one of the most famous catalan traditions.


-Gegants and CapgrossosLa Mercè Festival Barcelona

These wonderful people are very large heads made of paper mache. People disguise themselves with these heads and pass through the main streets of the city where they dance and interract with the spectators to the rythym of the music. This year the route starts at Calle Montalegre and finishes in Plaza de Sant Jaume.


-PiromusicalLa Mercè Festival Barcelona

And to finish la Mercè Festival Barcelona as always is the Piromusical, a spectacle of Fireworks and music in Avenida Maria Cristina where it makes tribute to famous celebrities and concepts. This year those chosen are: The Beatles, El Gran Teatre del Liceu, Montserrat Caballé, Glenn Miller and, of course, Beirut.


Concerts of la Mercè Festival Barcelona

Although this festival relies on hundereds of activities to enjoy with friends or family, without a doubt the best part of la Mercè Festival Barcelona is the concerts. Each year national and international artists come to play all around Barcelona to convert this city into a continued party. During this year, there will be a total of 60 stages each night spread out over 17 places throughout the city. Some of the most famous artists that will play this year are: La Pegatina, Carlos Baute, Edurne, Oques Grasses, Gertrudis, Buhos, Els Catarres, among many more…

What do you think about the proposals for la Mercè Festival Barcelona? Personally, we love them! Now we are only missing you, move yourself and come to enjoy the festivities with us!


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