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Barcelona disctrict areas: Sarria and Sant Gervasi

Sarriá & Sant Gervasi / History

The name Sarriá comes from Sirriano Sarriá which is mentioned for the first time in 986 confirming that there has been a population in the area for a very long period of time. By the end of the 15th century there was a significant population here centred on the church and the existing farmhouses outside the village. This rural society was heavily dependant upon the land however, gradually it attracted artisans and craftsmen. Sarriá then gained great importance and by the 20th century it was one of the richest and most populated areas of Barcelona; huge extravagant residences and mansions were built there.

Sant Gervasi has always retained a steady population due to its location on the slopes of Tibidabo between the mountains and the plane providing a constant water course in the area. Sant Gervasi was declared as independent from Sarriá in 1714 but it was discovered by the bourgeois elite long before Sarriá in the 19th century and there are many stately homes there from the period reflecting its popularity.

Visiting Sarriá & Sant Gervasi by day

In general the barrios of Sarriá and Sant Gervasi are leafy suburbs of Barcelona made up of mainly residential areas. However, there are a few things there which are worth putting time aside to go and see; at the top of the hill is Tibidabo which contains an amusement park, luxury hotel and a church. There are also beautiful views over Barcelona and the surrounding area from the top of the hill, on a clear day it is possible to see as far as Montserrat.

Apart from Tibidabo you can also visit the CosmoCaixa science museum, Parc de Coserolla and monuments of Pedralbes further southwest.

Being home to the high rollers of Barcelona means that there are also many things catering to a wealthy clientele; Carrer Major de Sarriá is lined with quality shops and restaurants.

One thing that would be difficult to forget in Barcelona is their star football team, Camp Nou the FC Barcelona stadium is located in the northern end of the Zona Universitaria. Heading to a match there is a ritual for Catalans but if you can’t get hold of a ticket you can always do a tour of the extensive grounds; their museum is one of the most visited in Barcelona!

Visiting Sarriá & Sant Gervasi by night

By night the high society heads out to the bars and clubs in the Zona Alta to sip cocktails and cava. The Carrer Major de Sarría in particular is a popular choice for those in the know to hang out.

How to get there

North of Avinguda Diagonal, Sarría and Sant Gervasi are not very well linked by the metro; only the L3 metro passes the eastern side. The best way to get to them is using the FGC trains which can get you really close to the main sights such as Tibidabo. There are also trams traversing the Zona Alta; T1, T2 and T3 are all in this area heading towards Bon Vitage, San Marti de l’Erm and Consell Comercal respectively.


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