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While culture, architecture, and an amazing football team might be the most prominent aspects of Barcelona that people think about when visiting our wonderful city, there is one other part that not so many people know: that we’re green as well.  Barcelona is quickly becoming known as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities.  We’d like to give you an insight into some of our eco-friendly tours around Barcelona, so here’s a few of our favourites.

Walking Tours

walkingWhile it may seem large, in reality Barcelona is a fairly small city.  For most of the places you may need/want to visit, walking is usually a viable mode of transportation.  Because of this, there are quite a few walking tours of various parts of the city as well which also include different museums and monuments.  For instance, one tour that we like is the Old City Tour, a free walking tour in the Gothic Quarter run by Runner Bean Tours.  Tours begin every day at 11am and 4:30pm, and the only cost is what you think the tour was worth.  Other walking tours include looking at all of the Gaudí creations, such as the one run by Free Walking Tours Barcelona, or a tour of Las Ramblas area by Discover Walks.  One of our favourite tour companies is the Barcelona Guide Bureau, which has a whopping 12 different walking tours for you to enjoy.  Pick one of these tours, or choose one of their combos if you have more time to roam around Barcelona, both will give you an insider’s look on the history of the city.  Overall, walking tours can be found all over the city, and if you’d like to discover what Barcelona is really about by yourself, just walk everywhere!

Bike Tours

bikingWhile the centre of town is within walking distance, sometimes you just want to feel the wind on your face and enjoy the view on wheels.  Barcelona has tons of biking tours for you to enjoy, both in groups or private tours.  Fat Tire Tours has several tours for biking enthusiasts, including a general city tour that goes to the most popular tourist attractions for €24. They offer a visit to Montjuïc by electric bike (also known as E-bikes) for a beautiful view of Barcelona as well as a look at the parks, gardens, and nature trails for €34.  In addition, Green Bikes offer not only two set tours around the city, but a custom tour if you know what you’re looking for.  Either way, both will be full of knowledge and entertainment.  Bike tours are incredibly fun, as well as allowing you to visit  various parts of the city, and everyone who visits Barcelona should check them out.

Segway Tours

segwayWhile Segways may seem a bit ridiculous at first, these zero carbon emission vehicles can be fairly quick as well as fun.  Barcelona Segway Tours offers a visit of the Gothic District as well as the beaches of Barceloneta and Port Olímpic.  It also has the option of going on a 3-hour gastronomic tour of the flavours of Barcelona; again, while it may not look like the “coolest” option at first, you may be pleasantly surprised by these rides. In addition, Barcelona Sun & Segway offers 4 different length tours around the main tourism areas of Barcelona, including Las Ramblas and Port Vell, as well as a night tour for a decent price.

While Barcelona may seem like the tourism hub of Spain, if not one of the largest in Europe, it hasn’t forgotten its ideals as a green city.  With several different ways to enjoy the culture of Barcelona free of emissions and pollution, the city truly believes in being environmentally-friendly.  For a eco-friendly day in Barcelona, check out our other article.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if the zero-emission quality of Segways has helped to boost their popularity for tour use. It’d be interesting to look into their popularity compared to gas Vespa or ATV tours in other areas.

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