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Legal and financial services in Barcelona

Whether you are setting up a business in Barcelona, or dealing with the everyday demands of working life in Spain, you may encounter a situation in which you would benefit from professional advice and guidance. Each country has its own legal and administrative system, and Spain is no exception.

Legal advice may also be required for civil matters, or for other aspects of your interaction within the administrative infrastructure. This can include buying and selling property, or even renting an apartment.

Good legal advice is invaluable, and the key to receiving exactly the right information and support for your decision making process is clear communication and understanding between yourself and your advisor. If your Spanish or Catalan aren´t strong enough for this to happen then it would be a good idea to contact a local expert that speaks your language.

In this section you´ll find contact details for English speaking legal and financial specialists in Barcelona.

Leimar Lawyers & Business Consultants
Professional legal and business consultancy services in English, from a reputable and well established firm, with over 16 years experience. These Barcelona based lawyers can help you with all aspects of: *I Read More...