Cosmo Caixa, the science museum


The museum is made of innovatory facets. It offers an original approach of matters. there are scientific activities and a collection of unique items.  The building is wonderful, it was built in 1909, renovated and extended in 2004. It became an Art Nouveau building after the work of the well-known architect Josep Domenech I Estapa.

The museum is organized in an original way. Since the refurbishment, it has five floors, all of them underground. It is a technical prowess since all the floors are enlightened with natural light due to the helical conception.20130220105456_420678

The trip begins at ground floor where you will walk on a large esplanade to access the lift which will lead you to Floor-1. There is a cafeteria-restaurant next to the historical building. Downstairs, you can find different areas: firstly, there is the museum’s principal room, also known as the matters room. We distinguish four main matters: the Living Matter (the appearance and evolution of life), Inert Matter (the basic laws that govern the universe), Intelligent Matter (appearance and evolution of the nervous system and intelligence) and Civilized Matter (the process of hominization). Each Mattcosmocaixa-barcelonaer is illustrated with activities.

First, the Living Matter comes along the Flooded Forest. It is a realistic replica of the Amazon forest with its fauna and natural vegetation. Secondly, the Inert Matter is illustrated with objects that will help you to understand the fundamental laws of physics. Thirdly, the Intelligent Matter is explained with the neuron’s functioning. The Man’s intelligence is in his brain and works thanks to an extraordinary electrical circuit. Finally, the activity of Civilized Matter consists in showing the progress of Mankind, from the beginning (Neanderthal) to nowadays. In this way, a geological wall has been made to illustrate the advance of Mankind.

If you have time left, you can enjoy other activities such as the 3D Planetarium which is worth it. If the children will really enjoy the exposition, the adults are likely to learn a lot of things.

The access is open at 10:00 am to 8:00pm.

Carrer d’ Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona


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