Top 5 Bars and Restaurants in Sant Antoni


Sant Antoni is a fashionable district, boarding El Raval and Parall-el, and has lots of hidden gems off the beaten track, just a little further a field from the hectic La Rambla. With charm and character Sant Antoni has lots of bars, restaurants and cafes on offer, and to make exploring easy for you, we’ve picked our favourite five.

Jonny Aldana
Carrer Aldana, 9
Located on Carrer d’Aldana, it really is a hit with the locals and its not hard to see why. The owner seems somewhat of a local celeb; with people constantly popping in to say hello and grab a Café con Leche, which are priced at the incredibly low at just €1.50, and are served in the homeliest mugs with a dusting of cinnamon. Jonny Aldana also has a fully stocked bar and lots of tasty snacks to enjoy alongside your beverages, one of the best being their aubergine baba ghanoush; what’s more many of their dishes are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Bar Calders
Carrer del Parlament, 25
Bar Calders is another popular spot amongst the locals and is the perfect place to enjoy some tapas, or a great vermouth in their lively atmosphere. The terrace outside is ideal to enjoy a beverage in the sun alongside some for their signature dishes such as guacamole, mini pizzas or enchiladas. This spot is always teaming with customers and very often people spill out on the street and carry on drinking and socialising through the night.

Ronda de Sant Pau, 67
Sirvent is gorgeously decorated with an open plan kitchen with large seating area; it’s a wonderful place to enjoy high end quality products, from ice creams, to nougats. Their standout items on the menu are definitely the thick creamy American style smoothies and their fresh zesty juices. It’s a great place to to go to pick up a slushie, an ice cream or even some delicious waffles. Not only this but Sirvent also offer their space out for catered events alongside various culinary workshops.

Ronda Sant Antoni, 41
Moritz beer of Barcelona is the most popular beer in the city and Mortiz itself has bars and restaurants dotted around Barcelona for you to go and enjoy their endless list of drinks and great food. Moritz Bar i Vins restaurant is situated right next to their brewery it’s a real first class experience. Of course Moritz bar has their notorious beer on tap but they also have over 400 wines available to try, and because they sell wine by the gram it makes even the most exclusive wines affordable for everyone.

Bar Nostalgic
Viladomat, 38
Bar Nostalgic remains true to its roots, without the modern Nordic aesthetic found in many other bars in the area. They serve a great selection of Catalan wines, and an extensive list of special gins, rum and whiskies not to mention beer on tap. They also have a menu filled with superb tapas dishes to go with your high end drinks which will suit even the most extravagant palates.


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