Autumn in Barcelona


The great autor, philosopher and journalist Albert Camus once said “Autumn is a second spring, where each leaf is a flower” and the truth is that we could not agree with him more. Autumn in Barcelona is a season that, although many relate with the cold, rain and shorter days; is one of the best times of the year to visit our beautiful city. During this wonderful season, the weather is mild and there are a number of festivals, events and parties to enjoy. You will always discover something new to do! All of this, combined with the fact that it is the quiet season, results in the cheapest prices. Furthermore, it is not too hot and there are less people around. You will be able to avoid queues and see the city at your own pace.


Weather during autumn in Barcelona:

Officially, autumn in Barcelona starts on 23rd September until 22nd December, but the truth is that each passing year autumn seems to disappear slightly and become shorter. This is due to summers becoming increasingly longer and it is not until mid-October when the temperaturas begin to fall. You will probably get away with a dip in the sea for the entirety of autumn! Yet, we have to still remember that it may coincide with the rainy season and that you might get caught in a downpour (we remind you that when it rains in Barcelona, it rains a lot). Apart from that, you will certainly enjoy cooler and more enjoyable temperaturas until the end of November.


Activities and events:

Autumn in Barcelona is the perfect season to take up outdoor activities and enjoy, in full, the city´s spirit. Also, during this time, numerous festivals and parties are organised throughout the city that you cannot miss out on. Some of the activities to have a go at and some of the most important events during this season are:

Hiking in the Collserola parkautumn in Barcelona

The mild temperaturas of autumn allow you to pass through the area and is one of the best things you can do during autumn in Barcelona. We recommend that you take advantage of a day around Tibidabo, the oldest amusement park in the whole of Spain, the third oldest in Europe and one of the oldest in the world.


La Mercè Festivalautumn in Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona during the 20th and 24th of September you have to spend, at least one day, experiencing the best festival of Barcelona. Over these days the whole city offers: concerts, activities, firework displays, screenings, etc…


Sitges Festival autumn in Barcelona

If you are a fan of horror and fantasy films you are in luck, because between 3rd and 13th October we celebrate the Sitges festival, one of the most important cinematography prizes in Europe, and the first fantasy film festival in the world.

Salón del Manga

For fans of Japanese culture, manga and otaku this is your heaven! From 31st October until 3rd November celebrate this event in the grounds of Montjuic where they present all the novelty of this culture and bring fans and those in cosplay together to share their passion.


Aside from these events you will be able to find many other things such as: Oktoberfest, Halloweeen or the “Castanyada”, the Barcelona Games World, the BAM, etc… You are definitely not going to be bored!


Apartments for autumn in Barcelona:autumn in Barcelona

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Still don´t know if it is a good idea to visit Barcelona in autumn? We believe that there are few better options (Maybe, and only maybe, in Spring…). Get yourself over to our beautiful city and discover all the magic that resides in a wonderful autumn in Barcelona.


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