Ajo Bike Rental Barcelona

If you’re looking to get around Barcelona by bike, listen up. You’ll find all the services you need from Ajo Bike. Located in the Raval, just off Plaça Catalunya, this friendly bike shop has everything and does it well.
Ajo bike rental shop Barcelona

Barcelona is a bike-friendly city

Rent a bike in Barcelona

New and second hand bikes are available to rent, and you can choose from a good range of different sizes and models to suit the way you roll. There’s a special offer if you rent a bike on a Monday, it’s yours for just 10€ for 48 hours. Bikes with automatic gears are also available for extra comfort. Great rates all week, bike rental is just 10€ for the first day and 9€ per additional day. Bikes can also be rented for just 2 hours or 4 hours.

Buy a second hand bike

If you’re planning a longer stay in Barcelona then check out the second hand bikes for sale. Fully functioning quality bikes cost between 70€-120€. And when you leave Barcelona Ajo Bike buys back any bikes bought from them at 50% of the original price. There’s also a special 10% discount on new bikes from the local retailer AMAT – which is even cheaper than the distributor’s rates themselves!
Ajo Bike Rental Barcelona

Take a Barcelona bike tour to discover top sights and hidden secrets

Bike tours

Ajo Bike offer personalized tours for groups of friends, so you can really discover all the aspects of the city that most appeal to you, from highlights to undiscovered corners of Barcelona. The “Diversities of Barcelona” tour winds through the narrow streets of the old city and along the beachfront, taking in the parks, promenades and local markets, with stops for refreshments when you choose.
For an insight into Barcelona’s Modernist heritage the “Extravagance of Barcelona” tours presents the marvels of Gaudí’s inspired architecture, as well as introducing his contemporaries and the ideologies of the time. “Villages of Barcelona” gives a different perspective of this city, which was once delimited by the old town city walls and surrounded by villages. These are now known as the districts of Gràcia, Sarrià, Sants, San Andreu etc, and well worth exploring. Tours cost 45€ per person (min 2 people), and are led by an expert in Barcelona’s architecture.

Bike repair and maintenance

A bike repair and maintenance service is also available. Whether you need to fix your gears or brakes, deal with a flat tyre or any other issue, bring your bike to Ajo Bike for a fast and professional service at the best price!


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