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Car rental Barcelona

Rent a car if you want to travel around Spain or Catalunya, but if you´re planning to stay in Barcelona it´s not recommended. Parking is complicated and expensive, and the streets are busy. On the other hand, public transport is excellent and the city centre is very walkable.

Car rentals in Spain are quite cheap, but as with anywhere else you have to be aware of the extras, such as limited mileage (which means you only get about 100 km per day included in the price after which you are charged extra per km), accident waivers (meaning how much you are liable for in case of an accident), additional driver costs, and insurance.

Here are some car rental companies in Barcelona.

Tel: (34) 93 322 0083

Tel: (34) 902 135 531

Expert: Tel: (34) 902 102 777

Tel: 902 402 405

Tel: (34) 93 266 498

National/Atesa: Tel: (34) 902 100 101

Over: Tel: (34) 902 410 410

Tel: 902 287 600

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