Yo Quería Ser Fotógrafo: Photography Exhibition


Yo quería ser fotógrafo translates to ‘I wanted to be a photographer’ and is the title of the fantastic art exhibition at the Fundació Foto Colectania gallery. Through a multitude of different media, the exhibition compels viewers to examine what it means to be a photographer and how one may be considered a photographer, as well as looking at the status of the image. The exhibition is the third part of the gallery’s annual program which this year revolves around the question: what is photography? Earlier in the year the questions ‘how’ and ‘where’ were proposed and the current exhibition examines the ‘who’.
Thomas RuffThe inspiration for this exhibition comes from Roger Guaus’ work, which is also featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition allows you to compare the use of different photographic techniques including film. Observers are able to draw comparisons between vintage and new photographs, the use of film and still image, as well as evaluating the idea of a recycled photos and whether this allows the artist to be considered a photographer, or what status it gives them. One exhibit in the gallery includes a printer and allows visitors to print off an original version of a photograph of their choice from that exhibition. Another uses a television to illustrate the actions of a fax machine and makes one question therefore what, as well as who can be a photographer.
 Sherrie LevineYo quería ser fotógrafo is a unique exhibition which causes us to   consider and critique photography and photographers more deeply, and perhaps give them a revived significance.

The gallery itself is open plan and minimalistic. There is a very cool atmosphere and due to the lack of walls you are able to see every exhibit no matter where you are standing, which makes comparison between the different works very easy.
There is also a library situated on the second floor of the gallery with many original books and works relating to the current exhibition, which visitors are free to use.

Stéphanie Solinas


Yo quería ser fotógrafo is running from: October 10th -December 10th 2016 and is located at Julián Romea, 6, 08006. The gallery opens: Monday to Saturday 11am – 14:00 / 16:00 – 20:00.
Entry costs only 3€, unless it is the first Saturday of the month when entry is free.

This is also the last exhibition which will be held at the Fundació Foto Colectania as the gallery is moving to a new home in El Born. Their first exhibition in their new home will be a joint venture with the CCCB and will open on the 17th of March 2017.


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